17 Weird Hacks That Actually Work.


I love grandma’s tricks…

Especially old tricks that are over 100 years old, but still work today.

That’s why I asked my grandmother to share her best tricks with me, even the weirdest ones.

The tips she revealed to me are so excellent that I think everyone should know them.

These grandmother’s tips have one thing in common: even if they are unusual, they really work !

So without further ado, here is 17 Weird Tricks That Really Work ! Look :

1. Use newspaper to weed out

Grandma's trick to weed control is to use wet newspaper.

First, put your plants in the ground as usual and add fertilizer. Afterwards, soak the newspaper with a little water.

Lay out the wet paper around your plants, overlapping each layer of newspaper as you go.

To finish, cover everything with mulch and say Farewell to weeds.

Indeed, weeds can pass through some plastic anti-root cloths.

But they won’t pass through wet newspapers. Check out the trick here.

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2. Use cotton to pick up small broken glass

Grandma's trick for picking up small broken glass is to use cotton.

Did you break a glass? Use a simple cotton ball to pick up small pieces of broken glass safely.

For what ? Because the cotton fibers remove those tiny shards of glass that are invisible to the naked eye!

Note that this trick also works with wet newspaper. Check out the tutorial here.

3. Say goodbye to mosquitoes with dryer sheet

Grandma's tip to keep mosquitoes away: put a fabric softener in your pocket!

You see these little fabric softeners what do you put in the dryer?

Put one in your pocket, and it will automatically keep all the mosquitoes away.

I know… It may sound a bit crazy, but I tested this trick and it works Really.

Brilliant, don’t you think?

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4. Keep squirrels away with cayenne pepper

Grandma's trick to keeping squirrels away is to sprinkle your plants with cayenne pepper.

To prevent squirrels from nibbling your plants, sprinkle them with Cayenne pepper.

The spice is safe for your plants, but squirrels hate it…and they’ll leave your plants alone.

Click here to find out how.

5. Put a photo of your child in the tube of their bicycle handlebars

Grandma's tip: in case of emergency, hide some money in your bike handlebars.

Have you just bought a new bike for your child?

Before mounting the grips, put a rolled up picture of your child inside the handlebars.

That way, if ever the bike is stolen and later found…

All you have to do is remove the handle to prove it’s yours!

Now I use this same trick to hide some cash in my bike handlebars when I go hiking.

6. Use a toilet paper roll to vacuum hard-to-reach places

Grandma's trick to making a flexible vacuum cleaner nozzle: use an empty paper towel roll.

Here’s a great tip for cleaning window rails, air vents, under the fridge, or any other hard-to-reach place.

Take a roll of toilet paper or paper towel and attach it to the end of the tube of your vacuum cleaner.

And voila, you get a flexible mouthpiece that can be bent or flattened. It can then easily get into all the hard-to-reach places. Check out the trick here.

7. Use a safety pin to remove static electricity from clothing

  prevent static electricity on clothes with a safety pin

Nothing is worse than a skirt or dress that sticks to your legs due to static electricity.

To eliminate static electricity, just hang a small safety pin to the lining of your dress.

It’s magic: the metal of the pin attracts static electricity and makes it disappear.

This trick also works with pants that cling to the body when wearing tights.

Put a small pin in the seam of the pants and voila: the static electricity is gone.

And to prevent your clothes from coming out of the dryer with static electricity, try this little trick.

8. Put hot water in the measuring cup to prevent the ingredients from sticking

Grandma's trick for measuring sticky ingredients: moisten the container with a little water!

How to measure honey, molasses or corn syrup without it sticking to the bottom your measuring cup ?

Grandma’s trick is easy: before pouring a sticky ingredient into a measuring cup, fill it with hot water.

Next, pour out the hot water – but DO NOT dry the container – then add your sticky ingredient to measure. Now the sticky ingredient will come out on its own!

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9. Use a chalkboard brush to defog your windshield

Grandma's tip for removing fog from windshields: use a felt chalkboard brush.

Tired of always fighting against your foggy windshield?

So always keep a blackboard felt brush in the glove compartment of your car.

That way, as soon as the windows or the windshield fog up, you can clean the fog in the blink of an eye!

You will see, it works much better than an old rag!

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10. To open a closed envelope without damaging it, put it in the freezer

Grandma's trick to reopening a closed envelope is to put it in the freezer.

Whoops ! Did you just stick an envelope, but forgot to include something in it?

The solution to opening a sealed envelope without tearing it is to put it in the freezer.

To avoid having frost on the letter, remember to put it in a freezer bag. After an hour or two, take the envelope out and it will open on its own!

Awesome, right? Click here to discover the trick.

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11. Use hair conditioner to shave your legs

Grandma's Tip: Use your conditioner to shave your legs.

Yes quite !

Conditioner is the better alternative to shaving foam. Because it allows a close shave and hydrates the skin at the same time.

And in addition, it is much cheaper!

So, if you bought a conditioner that doesn’t really suit your hair… use it on your legs!

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12. Use apple cider vinegar to get rid of flies

Grandma's trick to make a formidable fly trap with cider vinegar!

To say goodbye to those pesky fruit flies, have a little drink.

Fill it with about 1 cm of apple cider vinegar and 2 drops of washing up liquid.

Mix everything well and place this glass in an area of ​​your home where flies congregate.

You will see: the flies will be attracted by the cider vinegar and will not be able to get out of the trap! Check out the full tutorial here.

13. Use cornmeal against ants in the house

Grandma's trick to repel ants?  Use cornmeal!

Make small piles of cornmeal where you have ants.

Attracted by the semolina, the ants will bring it to their colony. And over there, they will eat the cornmeal.

Except that ants can’t digest cornmeal, which will naturally eliminate them.

It may take a week or two for the ants to leave your house for good.

But the advantage of this method is that cornmeal is safe for your children and your pets.

You can also make corn powder using corn kernels. The tutorial is here.

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14. Use talc to easily remove sand on the skin

Grandma's trick for easily removing sand is to use talcum powder.

Are you spending the day at the beach? So, put a small bottle of talcum powder in your beach bag.

When you’re ready to go home, rub the talcum powder into your skin and that of your children. Thanks to the talc, the grains of sand slide easily from your skin.

Convenient, isn’t it? And the trick also works to remove sand stuck on baby’s delicate skin. Click here to discover the trick.

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15. Store your bed linen in their pillowcase to find them easily

Grandma's trick to tidying up a bedding set is to put it in one of the pillowcases.

Tired of wasting time looking for a complete bedding set every time you need to change the sheets?

Once your set has dried well, slip the fitted sheet, the duvet cover into one of the pillowcases.

Now the next time you change the sheets, all the adornment is neatly stored in one place.

No more wasting time looking for all the sheets of a set. For the tutorial, it’s here.

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16. Reheat the pizza in a skillet to keep the crust crisp

Grandma's trick to reheat pizza and keep it crispy is to use a cast iron skillet.

The problem with reheating pizza in the microwave is that the dough gets all rubbery.

But if you reheat it over medium heat in a non-stick pan, the crust stays perfectly crispy!

And in addition, the cheese will be deliciously melting. Awesome, right? Check out the easy tutorial here.

17. Use a freezer bag to make a homemade piping bag

Grandma's tip for making deviled eggs is to use a freezer bag as a piping bag.

Do you like mimosa eggs? It’s a delicious and easy recipe… except when you have to put the egg yolk and mayonnaise filling in the whites. We put it everywhere.

The easy trick is to put the hard-boiled egg yolks from your stuffing in a zip lock freezer bag. Close the bag and crush them well.

Add the rest of the ingredients (mayonnaise, chives, salt), close and continue to crush.

And now for the genius trick: cut off the tip of the sachet and you have a homemade piping bag!

All you have to do is press the stuffing into the eggs, without getting it all over the place.

Plus, cleanup is super easy: once you’re done, you can just throw away the freezer bag.

And for the pattern of all pastry tips, click here.

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Your turn…

Have you tried these weird grandma hacks? Let us know in the comments if it worked. We can’t wait to read you!

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