17 Home Vegetation That Develop With out Daylight.


Everyone knows that plants need light.

So should we give up having plants if the rooms in our apartment are dark and lack light?

Do not panic ! There are plants that like in the shade or in the dark.

And they thrive there. They are also said to be shade plants.

These plants do not need a lot of light. They just need indirect exposure or low light.

If you can read a book in a room with natural light, there is enough indirect light for these plants.

To make your life easier, we have selected for you 17 indoor plants that grow without light. Look :

1. Dracaena

the dracaena is an easy-care houseplant

Here is a beautiful houseplant that you can grow at home, even without light: the dracaena. There are many species and they are all easy to maintain.

This shade-tolerant plant is ideal for sprucing up a building lobby or hallway.

2. Bromeliad

Bromeliad is a shade-loving houseplant

Yes, there are tropical plants that require little light! This beautiful, colorful, low-maintenance tropical plant is one of the easiest to grow. Its exotic beauty flourishes in the shade.

It is therefore a perfect flowering houseplant that gives peps to your decoration! This little green plant also has its place in an office or your apartment.

3. Adiantum fragrans

Adiantum fragrans is a shade-loving plant in the fern family

Ferns love shade, humidity and coolness. I’adiantum fragrans is no exception to the rule. Its beautiful green and light foliage requires only one thing to develop: regular watering.

This houseplant that we call Venus’s hair will be perfect in a windowless bathroom or toilet!

4. Mountain palm

The palm grows in dark rooms

Another beautiful shade-loving plant: the mountain palm. Nothing scares this tall, slender indoor plant, not even dark rooms without light!

It is not demanding to grow: it only needs indirect light and a little water, especially in summer.

With little maintenance, it brings a touch of exoticism in any room of the house.

It adapts very well to the bathroom, as it likes humidity and shade.

5. Cyperus with alternate leaves

The Cyperus or papyrus does not like direct light

You look for a great houseplant that is easy to care for and grow requiring little light? So choose this Cyperus with alternate leaves with its beautiful evergreen foliage.

This plant with its leaves that look like umbrellas is also called alternate papyrus.

It flourishes very well in a living room, an office, a living room or an entrance without direct light.

6. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Stepmom's tongue grows in dark places

A great classic! Mother-in-Law’s Tongue or Sansevieria is indestructible. It fits perfectly in a dark, poorly lit environment and does well in indirect light.

It is very resistant and requires little care. A basement may suit him.

It is also considered to be depolluting. You can install it in a bedroom. You can sleep with it without risk to your health.

7. Ficus pumila

Fucus pumila is a hardy houseplant that likes shade

THE Fucus pumila also called creeping fig tree is a very hardy climbing plant. Its dense and delicate foliage can also fall elegantly.

It is a pretty indoor plant which also has the reputation of clean indoor air.

It does not like direct sun or hot weather. It is perfect for decorating a bathroom with a low sunlight ! Find him a small place half shade half sun indoors.

8. Philodendron

A philodendron does not need a lot of sun

From the same family as vines, the philodendron is a hanging perennial houseplant that does not require a lot of sun.

Its large leaves grow in a drooping vine and make it a very decorative plant, even with low light.

Perfect for dark offices! This is the plant to buy for a dark room.

9. Calathea

The calathea is an indoor plant that appreciates the shade

The calathea ornata is a very beautiful indoor plant thanks to its large leaves decorated with contrasting patterns. She likes the shade well, but she fears the cold.

It needs a minimum temperature of 13°C. It can therefore be placed near a radiator. These plants do not need sun, they are well suited for an office or professional premises.

10. Maranta leuconeura

Maranta leuconeura is an indoor plant that appreciates indirect light

She is magnificent, is not she ? This indoor tropical plant does not tolerate direct light! So he needs a dim light.

Exposed to direct sunlight, its sublime leaves with colorful and contrasting patterns dry out. You can very well put it in a small room or a dark place like the toilet.

11. Sword Fern

The hollyhock likes dark, damp rooms like bathrooms.

This pretty, drooping green plant that looks like a fern does not like direct sunlight. A dark room suits him perfectly.

However, she needshumidity. The soil in its pot should be slightly wet and sour.

She appreciates a little spray from time to time. Why not place it in a bathroom with little light so that it benefits from a humid environment?

12. Peperomias

Peperonia is a plant that does not like direct sunlight

The peperomia is a pretty decorative plant with its large leaves that come in different shades of green. Soft light suits him to develop.

Indeed, its delicate leaves fear direct exposure to the sun. If you place it near a window, it will be necessary to install a curtain there.

13. Epipremnum aureum

Epipremnum aureum is an indoor plant that requires little light

It is also called devil’s ivy or indoor ivy. It is a very popular indoor plant, as it is robust and easy to maintain.

It is able to live with very little light and requires little care.

Just a little water when the soil in his pot is dry! She can even find herself locked in a room and flourish anyway.

So if you want to put a plant in a basement or a bathroom without windows, this is the one to choose since it grows in darkness.

14. Japanese sedge

The Japanese sedge likes shade or partial shade

This perennial plant like partial shade. It is in a shady space that its flexible leaves will develop and form a beautiful decorative tuft.

15. Hairy Chlorophyton

Hairy Chlorophyton thrives in shade or partial shade

His nickname ? The spider plant! It is true that with its long fine and flexible leaves which fall, it is reminiscent of a graceful spider.

This plant resistant and very easy to maintain.

Perfect for beginner gardeners! All you have to do is find a little spot in the shade or semi-shade, without direct light.

16. Moonflower

The moonflower asks for indirect sunlight

Here is a flowering plant that loves shade. With its elegant white flowers, it looks like an arum! This exotic, easy-care plant grows very well indoors.

It must be placed away from direct sunlight for its dense foliage and flowers to develop.

Be careful, these flowering plants do not tolerate direct sunlight, but they still need a light space to flourish.

17. Aglaonema

Aglaonema does not like direct sunlight

With its magnificent foliage, this indoor plant lights up a living room, living room, office, entrance or bedroom. It should not be exposed to direct sunlightbut appreciates a bright environment.

Now you know those plants that live without light.

Cacti, succulents, succulents… All you have to do is choose one of these indoor green plants that you like and that require little light.

And if you like indoor plants for decoration, I advise you this wonderful book.

Your turn…

Do you know any other dark-loving plants? Share them with us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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