19 Nice Tricks to Keep Clear and By no means Scent Unhealthy Once more.


Talking to someone who has bad breath or smells bad is a painful experience.

You know from experience that few people will have the courage to tell you that.

1. Wash behind the ears

Wash behind your ears – this avoids that famous “old people smell”.

2. Toilet paper

If you’re using toilet paper for the big buck, here’s what to know:

You know you’re « done » when the toilet paper is white — with no streaks.

This will save you from unpleasant odors.

3. Change your pillowcase regularly

Change your pillowcase regularly. If you have acne, you really should heed this advice.

And by regularly, we mean after a few days, not a few weeks!

4. Dental floss to prevent bad breath

Flossing is one of the basics of hygiene.

But few people know that this gesture also fights bad breath.

5. The tongue scraper to fight bad breath

Use a tongue scraper every time you brush your teeth — always!

Are you not convinced ? Then try this little test.

Scrape your tongue with your finger, until a slimy substance appears under your fingernail.

Then, wait a few minutes, until this substance dries.

Now sniff it. This smell is the breath you smell when someone talks to you.

Tongue scrapers are an effective way to fight bad breath. To find out more, read our article.

Add tongue scrapers to your morning and evening routine. You will quickly notice the positive effect on your breath.

6. Mouthwashes

Wash your mouth regularly. It also prevents bad breath.

To find out more, discover our article on mouthwashes.

7. Clean the navel

Too many people neglect it: don’t forget to clean your navel, thoroughly! Use a cotton swab if necessary.

8. Wash between the toes

Scrub your feet well when you wash them — don’t forget the space between your toes.

And always put on socks when wearing shoes.

9. Get your ears cleaned by a doctor

Getting your ears cleaned by a doctor is such a pleasant experience that it is almost transcendent 🙂

You thought you had clean ears? Try a cleaning by a doctor and see for yourself.

You will be surprised by the amounts of earwax it will extract!

10. Men: trim their hair

Shortening your body hair is a gesture that will eliminate odors.

We don’t ask you to shave your hair: only to mow it!

11. Body powder

Talc has two properties to exploit: it regulates and absorbs perspiration.

Also, if your thighs are chafing and irritating the skin, sprinkle talc liberally on the affected areas. This relieves the irritation.

12. Do not replace the shower with perfume

When you smell bad, it’s not perfume or deodorant that will cover up unpleasant odors.

Nothing beats a good shower.

13. Clean the pores of the nose

Nose pores easily become clogged with oil, dead skin, etc.

Do you have oily skin and your pores are clogged? Discover our article to learn more about how to clean your pores.

Practice this treatment once a week: it’s for your good.

14. Take a shower before bed

Take a shower before going to bed.

Here is the logic: during the day, we accumulate all kinds of dirt and bad smells.

Why bring them in your beautiful clean sheets? Just take a shower before bedtime. Your partner will thank you!

15. Wash your back well

We think we wash our backs well. But in reality, to wash your back well, you have to be a contortionist.

The solution: it’s a back brush with a long handle — old-fashioned.

You can easily find it in organic stores. Otherwise, you can buy online here.

16. More carpet at home

Do you have carpet at home? Know that carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria — and bad odors.

If you can’t get rid of it, at least get into this good habit.

As soon as you get home, take off your shoes. Then put your shoes away by the front door.

This gesture will prevent you from dragging dirt through your entire home.

17. Cut your nails

It’s a basic hygiene rule: cut your nails. Too many people neglect this routine.

Moreover, it is detected immediately. Frankly, nails that are too long and the grime that gets embedded under the nails? It really is yuck !

18. Don’t sneeze into your hands

Mom taught us to cover your nose when you sneeze.

But sneezing into your hands, without a tissue, is not hygienic (or elegant).

The solution ? Try sneezing into the crook of your elbow if you don’t have a tissue.

19. For emergencies: hand sanitizer

You feel the goat and you know that it will be impossible to take a shower?

You already know that deodorant and perfume don’t work.

But here is the solution to help you out:

hand sanitizer can help. Just do a basic wash under the armpits, with disinfectant and paper towels!

There you go, you know our 19 hygiene tips to not smell bad!

Your turn…

What do you think ? Do you know any others? Feel free to share them with us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you 🙂

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