2 tricks to take away bleach stains from garments in document time


Bleach stains on colored fabrics are a common problem. It may happen to you that a colored garment is stained during cleaning.

However, we almost always end up throwing away the stained item of clothing, thinking we’ll never be able to put it back on. We can also use fabric dyes, the result of which does not resemble the original color.

Bleach is a very powerful substance that gives off irritating gases that are dangerous to health. Its contact with the skin is also very dangerous.

We offer you 2 simple tricks to recover colored clothes stained by bleach.

Tip 1:

Mix 250 ml of room temperature water with a tablespoon of sodium thiosulfate until it is completely dissolved.

Pour the solution directly onto the stain and leave for a few minutes, then wash the garment in cold water. You won’t need to scrub.

Tip 2:

Mix two equal parts alcohol and white vinegar. Dampen a cloth in the solution and apply it to the stain, patting on without rubbing.

Wash the garment in cold water and, if necessary, repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.

As you can see, it is possible to recover a garment stained by bleach, just apply one of the two tricks described above.

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