20 Tremendous Christmas Decorations With WOODEN LOGS.


They give a very pleasant rustic and natural look.

You can use logs as well for the decoration of the table, as that of the Christmas tree or the garden.

Here is 20 great Christmas decorations with logs. Look :

1. As a centerpiece with candles

Wooden logs in the center of the table with several candles above

DIY tealight holders are always a hit at Christmas. They bring a warm atmosphere to your decor.

2. In engraved Christmas ornaments pyrography pen

Engraved wooden logs for Christmas

3. With owls painted on pebbles

Two wooden logs painted with owls

4. As decoration for the tree

Wooden logs hanging from a fir tree

5. As a penguin painted on it

A penguin painted on a log

6. In small fir trees under the snow

Small fir trees decorated on a log

7. As a Christmas wreath

Garland made with logs

8. As Santa’s reindeer

Three little reindeer on a wooden log

9. As snowmen for the outdoors

Two outdoor snowmen made with logs

10. As decoration for gifts

Log of wood to decorate a Christmas present

11. In a Christmas wreath

Wreath made with several wooden logs

12. In owls made with buttons

Several wooden logs decorated as owls

13. In candle holders

Wooden logs that serve as a support for candles

14. In Christmas ornaments with designs painted onslate

Slate on several wooden logs

15. As a lantern stand

White lantern and candles on large wooden log

16. As an Advent calendar

Advent calendar made with several logs

17. In small fir trees with pine cones

Pine cone on wooden logs

18. Placemats

Wooden logs as a placemat on a white tablecloth with plates, glasses, and cutlery

19. As a Christmas wreath for the garden

A Christmas wreath for the garden with logs

20. As an ornament for the tree

Christmas ornament for the tree made of wooden logs with a snowflake drawn on it


A Christmas tree made with logs and lighted garlands

Traditional or modern, original or classic wooden decoration for indoors or outdoors…

All these decorations to make yourself are easy to make and economical.

And you can do anything with a wooden log, big or small.

For example, we can make candle holders to decorate a centerpiece, wooden animals like a reindeer or a deer…

Making these decorative items is easy.

Just do a little DIY! It’s much better than buying them, isn’t it?

Your turn…

And you, what is your christmas decorationWould you like to have it at home? Tell us which one you prefer in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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