21 do-it-yourself out of doors video games for teenagers


Many outdoor activities are possible in the garden of your house without going to the playpen. The following collection of ideas will help inspire you to create fabulous outdoor structures yourself.

The majority of self-made creations come from recycled materials. It can range from a simple wooden pallet to a old tub. You are free to let yourself be carried away by your creative spirit with the sole objective : the happiness of children.

1. A paddling pool with a bathtub

For houses where there is no space to install a swimming pool, you can opt for the reuse of a bathtub to provide a water point for the children. The facility is secured by a wooden decking and with a drop-down door to cover the tub when finished using. great idea for power refresh everyone.

2. A reclaimed wood sandbox

This Sandbox was built with reclaimed wood and then filled with sand. This space will allow your little one to have fun creating any shape in the sand. The chalkboard will also allow him to draw without leaving his sandbox.

3. A landscaped course

This design will require a little more assembly time than the previous ones. On the other hand, the result is great and we are convinced that the children will spend a lot of time on these structures.

4. An outdoor kitchen

This small kitchen was made with a wooden pallet. This has allowed the little girl to be able to cook under the sun whenever she wants.

5. A water point with PVC pipes

As for the idea of ​​the bathtub, this installation will make it possible to refresh everyone. You just have to connect the pipes as you see fit, to make holes in them and to connect everything to a water inlet. Fun guaranteed.

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