22 Nice Shoe Hacks Each Lady Ought to Know.


And take care of it too, because it represents a hell of a budget.

Fortunately, there are some really ingenious ways to relieve foot pain and take care of your shoes.

We have selected for you the 22 best tricks to pamper your shoes and feet.

No more shoes that are too tight or hurt your toes. No more blisters or rubbing heels!

They will be as comfortable as slippers! You won’t want to leave them. Look :

1. Too tight leather shoes? Put on a pair of thick socks and blow the hair dryer where it hurts

Put on big socks, put on the shoes and run the hair iron over them

The heat from the hair dryer will soften the leather which will eventually relax. Also try one of these 12 tips to enlarge shoes that are too small.

2. Sore feet in your high heels? Tape the 3rd and 4th toes together for pain relief

To avoid hurting your toes in the pumps, tape them together

3. Do your feet sweat? Put panty liners in your shoes to fix the problem

Slip a panty liner into the shoes to avoid sweating

Panty liners go absorb perspiration. Neither seen nor known ! And to prevent your feet from sweating too much, you can take a tea and lemon foot bath. Or try one of these grandma tricks.

4. Use a pumice stone to prevent your soles from slipping

Sand the soles to prevent them from slipping

Slippery ballet flats, we’ve all experienced that one day. With this trick, more no risk of slipping on a sidewalk ! You can also rub the soles with vinegar. Find out how here.

5. Put some lubricating gel where shoes rub to prevent blisters

Apply lubricating gel to the feet to prevent chafing

The frost will protect your feet from overheating and bulbs. Very practical to avoid pain due to friction in shoes. You can also use petroleum jelly. Check out the trick here.

6. Blisters on your feet? Take a foot bath black tea to heal blisters

Treat Foot Blisters with a Black Tea Foot Soak

The tannin in black tea helps heal blisters quickly. The astringent action of tea limits the risk of infection and stops bleeding from wounds. You can also try one of these tricks to cure a blister.

7. Use window cleaner to shine your leather shoes

The window cleaner to make patent leather shoes shine

A little product for the windows and your patent leather shoes will be super shiny ! Another solution is to use an onion cut in half. Check out the trick here.

8. Use remover to remove stains from your white trainers

Remover removes stains from white sneakers

If you don’t have nail polish remover, use toothpaste. It also works. Check out the trick here. Your sneakers will also be white as if they were new.

9. Spray some lacquer on your feet to prevent them from slipping in your shoes

If your feet slip in your shoes, spray hairspray on your feet

Are your feet slipping in your shoes? It happens when the shoes are a little too big. Suddenly, the toes rub against the end of the shoes and it is quickly painful. Especially in heels! A little hairspray, and your feet no longer slip in your shoes.

10. Put newspaper in your shoes to absorb moisture

Put newspaper in your wet shoes to absorb moisture

Very practical when the children have walked in the water or the snow! Newspaper absorbs moisture and shoes will dry faster. Check out the trick here.

11. Shoes too small? Put a freezer bag filled with water in it then put them in the freezer overnight

To enlarge shoes that are too small, put a bag of water in your shoes, put them in the freezer overnight

Shoes that are too small or tight… it’s very unpleasant! This trick allows you to expand them easily. They will be much more comfortable. Check out the trick here.

12. To keep your feet warm, slip from wool fabric in your shoes

So as not to have cold feet, put wool fabric insoles in your shoes

This simple and economical little trick will allow you to protect your feet from the cold without having to buy a big pair of shoes for the winter.

13. After a long day, roll tennis balls under the soles of your feet to relieve them.

To relieve tired feet, roll the tennis balls under the feet

After a day of running around, your feet deserve a little rest. This little arch massage is pure bliss! It will relieve painful areas under the feet and eliminate all tension. Find out how to do it in point 7.

14. Sprinkle with bicarbonate in your shoes to eliminate odors

The bicarbonate put in the shoes absorbs bad odors

The bad smells in shoes, it is common especially after playing sports. The solution against stinky shoes is baking soda. It doesn’t just mask bad smells. It absorbs them and eliminates them completely. You can also use one of the 10 tips against foul shoe odors.

15. Use a nail file to remove scuffs and dirt from your suede shoes

Run a nail file over the scuff marks on your suede shoes to remove them

Suede shoes are often fragile. Fortunately, with a simple nail file, you erase scratches. Eraser like this one does the job very well. An eraser is also ideal for clean rain stains on your suede shoes. Check out the trick here.

16. No pocket? Tie your keys to your laces, tie a good knot and go for a run!

To run with your car or house keys, hang the keys on your shoelaces

When you go for a run, you never know where to put your house or car keys. However, it suffices to slip them into the shoelaces and tie a good knot. You can also hang it on your dog. To tie a strong knot, discover the trick here.

17. When traveling, put your fragile items in the shoes to prevent them from breaking during transport

Put fragile objects in the shoes to protect them

Useful to avoid break or lose small objects, glasses, and jewelry! It is also a good idea to store and hide your fragile or precious objects at the beach.

18. Put your shoes in a shower cap so as not to dirty the clean clothes in the suitcase

A shower cap insulates dirty shoes in the suitcase

Thanks to this trick, you can store your shoes directly in the suitcase without fear of dirtying everything. This clever trick works for all types of shoes: ballet flats, sneakers, pumps, babies, flip flops or tap shoes, moccasins, etc. Check out the trick here.

19. Put on pool noodles in your boots so they keep their shape

Pool noodles preserve the shape of tall boots

If you are not careful, the boots tend to sag, which damages them. Keeping them straight with foam fries, their shape is intact. And it works, whatever the type of boots: riding boots, lined boots, waders or boots. Check out the trick here.

20. Put some petroleum jelly on your patent leather shoes to remove scuff marks

Vaseline applied to leather shoes makes scuffs disappear

A scratch on your patent leather shoes? Do not panic ! A little petroleum jelly and the scratch is gone. And if you have damaged the heel of your shoes, consider this trick to repair them.

21. Apply deodorant to chafed areas to prevent blisters

Put deodorant on high-risk areas of the feet to avoid blisters

Blisters can really ruin your day. By applying deodorant to areas at risk, you reduce the risk of blisters appearing. And to avoid getting blisters after running, learn how to properly lace up your sneakers.

22. Spray some dry shampoo in shoes to keep feet dry

If you have wet feet, spray dry shampoo in the shoes

If you sweat when wearing shoes without socks, use dry shampoo. It’s perfect for wearing ballet flats or closed shoes!

Your turn…

Have you tried any of these shoe tricks? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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