22 plant concepts to purify and enhance the inside of your house


Hi beauty ! Let me tell you about a subject that will surely interest you. I came across a great article that lists 22 plant ideas to purify and decorate the interior of our little cocoon. And I know how much we all like to feel good at home! So, I thought of you, and I thought it might give you ideas to add a green and purifying touch to your home.

Between us, I’m going to give you a little advice that I found super useful: don’t hesitate to vary the sizes and shapes of your plants to create a dynamic and harmonious effect in your rooms. For example, you can combine hanging plants with succulents on shelves, and even add a large, towering plant to a corner of your living room. It’s a simple way to play with volumes and make your interior even more stylish!

For my part, I have already adopted some of these plants in my apartment, and frankly, I do not regret! In addition to giving a real boost to my decoration, I have the impression that the air is healthier and more pleasant. For example, I put a Ficus elastica in my office, and I must say that I feel much more concentrated and serene when I work. So why not give it a try too? I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for among these 22 plant ideas!

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