22 storage suggestions that save house


From morning breakfast to evening meal, including lunch, aperitif or afternoon tea, the cuisine is punctuated throughout the day by the comings and goings of our little cravings. Casually, it’s often a room where you spend a lot of time with your loved ones, whether it is to prepare or share good meals and even sometimes to do homework or share activities with the family. In such an important corner of the house, each space is therefore infinitely precious. However, between the storage of food and the organization of the cupboards, one can quickly get overwhelmed. In the end, it becomes a mess and we can’t find anything! To see more clearly, here are storage ideas and tips to use in your kitchen. Enough to optimize the available space!

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1) A rod slipped in a cupboard or on a door

This is ideal for rolls of trash bags lying around. And of course, you can also use it for the paper towel that takes up space on the worktop.

2) A thin and high storage for the broom and bulky household products

This type of layout takes up little space and yet saves a lot!

3) A storage that turns to have easy access to everything in the kitchen

Whether on the fridge, in the cupboards or on a counter corner, the rotating storage is very practical. No more food that perishes in the back of the cupboard because you don’t have access to it! You just have to turn it to find its spices, oils, dishes, utensils or whatever you decide to store!

4) Staircase storage provides access to all your spices

You see them all and can therefore put them to good use in your everyday kitchen. Every detail counts for a practical and successful organization!

5) Where there is a kitchen door, there is storage possible!

With very thin rods, hooks or shelves, it is possible to create storage on the cupboard doors or the kitchen door. Put every space to good use!

6) Make the most of the space above with hooks

The hooks can be used to hang cups and utensils. We can then judiciously decide to store the plates underneath to optimize space.

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