24 DIY Christmas decorations which might be fairly and never costly in any respect


Times are tough and the mood is therefore not necessarily always festive. However, the arrival of December marks the ideal time to create a festive atmosphere and put some balm in the heart. Through homemade Christmas decorations, prepare the ground for the holidays, put glitter in the eyes of children and invite the magic of Christmas into your daily life. If this year your budget is tight or if you like to make your own DIY creations, no doubt these few ideas will inspire you! Made with recycled or inexpensive materials, these inspirations are within everyone’s reach, even the least handy. And of course, it’s a pleasure to make them with your children to furnish a rainy afternoon and share moments together!

Make way for inexpensive Christmas decoration ideas!

1) The fridge and doors also deserve Christmas decorations

It is enough here to create a door frame with a long garland. Then use scraps of wrapping paper to create a beautiful scarf to your snowman or ask your children to draw the different elements that will be used to bring it to life. And if the refrigerator is white, think about revamping it in Christmas mode for a warmer kitchen and in the theme of the end of the year celebrations.

2) A stair ramp that becomes a ski slope

Put a scarf on your most beautiful stuffed animals and hang them on white cotton which will act as snow. And if you are gifted with your ten fingers, you can even sew your own penguins, Christmas elves or a felt Santa Claus. Also, consider adding a light garland on the ramp before adding everything else for a magical effect.

3) Small Christmas trees to put around the house

Why settle for just one Christmas tree when you can have them of all sizes and colors all over the house? How to do ? It’s simple: collect pine cones and paint them white or with glitter paint. Then add beads or pompoms of all colors to act as Christmas balls.

4) Create little characters with toilet paper rolls

A little paint and creativity will be enough to bring these characters to life. You can then hang them on your Christmas tree or put them around the house in anticipation of the festivities.

5) Make a Christmas candle holder for a magical atmosphere

The tealight holder is ideal for illuminating Santa’s path or getting a festive table setting. To achieve this, stick a sticker on a glass jar, brush on the remaining glue, and sprinkle Epsom salt and/or glitter over the entire surface of the glass. Leave to dry, then remove the sticker to reveal the candle that you will put inside. Consider adding pine needles, pine cones, string or ribbon in Christmas colors to surround the neck of the jar and make it even more beautiful.

6) Alternatively, you can also make a homemade Christmas ball

Glue your figurines securely to the lid with epoxy glue, then fill the jar with glycerine or baby oil and glitter. Close everything tightly and add some extra decorations if you wish. A beautiful red ribbon will, for example, hide the lid of your DIY Christmas ball!

7) A tree-shaped photo wall

No room to install a big tree or want to have a second one in a room? As a change from the classic Christmas tree, this space-saving photo wall with photos of your children and all the people you love is bound to please you. And if the whole family doesn’t come this year, it will give you a bit of the impression that they are there… Then add a light garland and you will never tire of watching your ultra touching work!

8) A larger than life fireplace

Not everyone has a fireplace and it can be frustrating to hang up certain decorations or Christmas stockings. Since you will certainly have a lot of boxes at home thanks to your purchases of Christmas gifts, you can however recycle them for create an ultra-warm faux fireplace. A little paint and some LED candles (to avoid fires) will be enough to bring it to life!

9) Cardboard to multiply inexpensive Christmas decorations

In addition to the fake fireplace, you can use your cardboard to create emblematic animals and characters of the season to paint and decorate with hats, gloves and scarves that you no longer use. Here, we have a Christmas reindeer, but nothing prevents you from opting for Olaf from the Snow Queen, a Santa Claus or cardboard trees to be placed in various places in the house.

10) A little wood and paint to make these Christmas characters

The possibilities are limitless when you have a little creativity and unused materials!

11) Reclaimed wooden crates and skillfully arranged Christmas decorations

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to create an impressive decoration! Do not hesitate to stage your seasonal decorations in simple wooden boxes, then add a light garland to illuminate the whole thing with a thousand lights.

12) Dress up a section of the wall with a homemade advent calendar

A few nicely decorated envelopes filled with chocolate and other little surprises can please a loved one while bringing a real plus in terms of decoration. A wooden stick and some pretty strings can complete the whole thing. And if unlike here, you don’t have stickers to decorate your advent calendar, trust your children’s drawing skills ! They will be happy to help you embellish them.

13) A beautiful pendant light that you can make yourself

Surround a hoop with a green or colored garland, then hang light garlands and other Christmas balls for an amazing and magical result.

14) A charming windowsill with its own Christmas decorations

To decorate the house, and in particular the glass surfaces, we often think of designs with special markers or Meudon white. However, do not forget to frame your works with a garland on the curtain rod and a few balls suspended in the air using a very fine thread.

15) With a very fine yarn, hang Christmas balls, pine cones or slices of dried citrus on a stick for a homemade Christmas decoration

You can also cut out star or tree shapes from paper to add to the wire. You can hang everything on a wall to make it more beautiful.

16) Spruce Up Your Christmas Table With This Easy Centerpiece

In a wooden box, slip beautiful white or colored candles, pine cones or even pine branches to obtain a beautiful effect with ease. If you have a lot of them, you can also stick them on a cardboard or polystyrene cone to make a bigger tree.

17) Notice to wine lovers with these mini trees

A little paint on pine cones themselves mounted on a cork will make a beautiful Christmas tree.

18) Elegant candles to warm the atmosphere

Surround your candles with cinnamon sticks and wrap a pretty ribbon all around to seal everything. On the Christmas table or the coffee table in the living room, this simple but effective decoration will bring warmth!

19) Elegantly recycle your glass bottles

Slip in light garlands for a result of the most beautiful effect. Then add a beautiful ribbon on the neck or a string previously decorated by you. That’s it !

20) We also really like this version where the Christmas decorations are this time painted directly on the bottle!

21) Update an old ladder with Christmas decorations

Add light garlands or not as well as Christmas balls suspended by wires for an airy result.

22) Create a magical Christmas scene inside a large wooden box or crate

Use a little paint to set the tone and add little Christmas figures or reindeer. You can also include faux fur to act as fake snow and hanging balls of different sizes to imitate large falling snowflakes. Finally, don’t forget to add a string of lights and place it all on an end of the sofa, a corner of a room or a somewhat empty section of your living room.

23) Invite your most beautiful Christmas decorations in a large glass container

Here you can use Christmas balls that you do not plan to put on your tree, small characters or miniature trees and pine cones for example.

24) No room for a tree? Try this alternative!

Gather sticks of different sizes, string and decorations (baubles, garlands, dried citrus, etc.), and then get to work!

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