24 Songs That Will Make Your Cooldown Even Chillier


Cooldowns can be a lot like dental appointments. You know you should, but when the time comes, it’s so easy to come up with an excuse and talk yourself out of it. Maybe you are negotiating with yourself: next time I will stop my training five minutes early, so I certainly have time to do a cooldown. Or maybe you get away with it logically: I still have to shower, get dressed, then walk to the train or drive to work – isn’t all that movement basically a cooldown?

It turns out that the research is actually a bit mixed on whether stretching after a workout will help eliminate muscle soreness or significantly improve recovery. So in that sense, if you’re looking for reasons to ignore it, you’re in luck. That said, cooldowns can be a good way to make your training easier and allow your heart rate to gently return to normal as you mentally move on from your day. If your cooldown involves static stretching (the kind where you move into a position and hold it), you may also find that you simply enjoy the “it hurts so much” feeling of that tension releasing from your muscles. . But a cooldown can be even colder. It can also be more like savasana – lying flat on your back and relaxing your muscles – or even just slouching on your couch for a few minutes doing nothing.

So this week’s playlist is all about slowing down and taking an extra three to five minutes to stretch after your workout. The songs here aren’t completely silent, but they’re a bit more relaxing than the uplifting music you might have used during your workout. We start with « Flowers » by Miley Cyrus, before moving on to the easy going beats of Phoebe Ryan, Anna of the North, The Weekend and Wizkid. As with some of the other playlists we’ve released, there are a few tracks towards the end that get a bit quieter; this time it’s an acoustic version of Taylor Swift’s « Lavender Haze » and Frank Ocean’s modern classic « Thinkin Bout You. »

Treat yourself to these bits and take the time to appreciate all the sweat and effort you just put in.

Full Reading List:

  1. « Flowers » by Miley Cyrus
  2. « Easy On Me » by Lone Tusker, Ben Woodward
  3. « Waves » by Memory Lane
  4. « Ocean Drive » by Duke Dumont
  5. « Cold Water – Lost Frequencies Remix » by Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, MØ
  6. « Electric Relaxation » by A Tribe Called Quest
  7. « Love Doesn’t Go My Way » by MUNICH MONSTRS, Harry Cho
  8. « Thinking of You » door Mellowdy
  9. « The Way Back » by SHAUN, Conor Maynar, Sam Feldt
  10. “Mine” by Phoebe Ryan
  11. « Forever » by Tim Olsson
  12. « The Lovers » by Anna of the North
  13. « I Like That » by Janelle Monáe
  14. « After Hours » by The Weekend
  15. « Essence » of Wizkid, Thames
  16. Getaway by Moonkids
  17. “Sunset Lover” by Petit Biscuit
  18. « Like Magic » by Ariana Grande
  19. « 2 » by HER
  20. « Tongue Tied – Acoustic Version » by Tai Bow
  21. « Best Part » by Daniel Caesar, HER
  22. « Lavender Haze – Acoustic Version » by Taylor Swift
  23. « Thinkin Bout You » by Frank Ocean
  24. « Sandalwood » by J. Roosevelt


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