24 methods to reuse them


When we talk about the benefits of bananas, we often think of what it provides nutritionally. We do not deny that mixing a good ripe banana and enjoying a banana smoothie is good for the taste buds and the body. However, banana peels also have their say and can also be beneficial. Of course, we’re not talking about eating them here. However, in a zero waste approach, we can find nice ways to recycle them as we would with other fruit and vegetable peelings. This makes it possible to limit the wastage of waste, the uses of which are counted in the dozens. Whether it’s to fertilize the garden, shine the house or whiten your teeth, there are 1001 ways to reuse banana peels. Do not throw away these precious allies: banana peels are real nuggets!

For home and garden:

1/ Shine your shoes

Rub your shoes with the inside of a banana peel to make them shine. These peels are particularly excellent for bringing shine to tarnished leather shoes without ruining themselves in shoe polish.

2/ Polish silver cutlery

You can clean your forks, knives, spoons with a banana peel. Use the inner part to make your silverware very shiny.

3/ Maintain your compost

banana peel garden uses
Credits: PeakPx

Add a banana peel to the composter, earthworms love it! And of course, this will then benefit all your garden and vegetable garden plantations when it has had time to decompose.

4/ A natural fertilizer for your plants

Put a banana peel in a vase and add water. Then introduce some aquatic plants, they will grow thanks to the nutrients of the banana. You can also use this banana peel water infusion to water your tired green plants! Otherwise, it is possible to bury bits of banana peel on the soil of your flower pots. This fertilizer provides many nutrients that are very popular with roses and indoor plants. Their flowering will be even more beautiful and it changes a little from eggshells or coffee grounds!

5/ Capture moths thanks to the sugar contained in the banana.

6/ Attract butterflies to your garden

Cut a banana into small pieces with its peel and sow it on your land, the sweetness will attract them!

7/ Wash the leaves of the plants with the inside of a banana peel

This helps to dust them off and make them shine!

8/ Repel aphids

Credits: Pixabay/Meli1670

Cut the banana peel into small pieces and bury them under your plants. Thanks to this improvised repellent, your trees and shrubs will be protected from harmful aphids! No more need for pesticides and other chemicals that leave residues on plants…

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