25 Magnificence Tricks to Save TIME and MONEY.


Simple and economical beauty tips that save you time, anyone?

It drools, it drips, we get the wrong color…

Fortunately, there are simple and practical tips to make your life in front of the mirror easier.

Discover without delay the 25 best beauty tips that all girls should know. Look :

1. To avoid lipstick on the teeth

tips for not having lipstick on your teeth

A smile with lipstick on your teeth is not very elegant. To avoid this, here’s the trick: apply your lipstick, then put your index finger in your mouth at the level of the 2nd phalanx. Press it to your lips on your finger to remove excess lipstick.

2. To give volume to your eyelashes

tips to lengthen eyelashes naturally

To give volume to your eyelashes without using false eyelashes, nothing could be simpler. Apply a 1st coat of mascara. Then pass talc on your eyelashes using a cotton swab or a small brush. Finally, apply a second coat of mascara to lengthen your lashes.

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3. To make your own « tan »

how to make homemade sun powder

It’s not always easy to find a bronzer or sun powder suited to your complexion! But you can make them yourself. For this, mix talc, chocolate and cinnamon powder. Adjust the doses of cinnamon and chocolate according to your skin color. Then apply to your cheeks as a blush.

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4. To hide hair loss

trick to make up thinning hair

To hide a parting that is too marked by hair loss, there is a simple and effective trick. Find an eyeshadow in the exact color of your hair. Apply it to the hair using a brush part by part. Obviously, it’s not a cure for hair loss, but the illusion is perfect.

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5. To avoid frizz

tips to remove frizz from hair

If your hair tends to frizz during the day, you might like this trick. Do your hair normally, then grab a clean toothbrush. Apply hairspray to the toothbrush and gently run it through your hair. Your hair will be fixed without being cemented!

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6. To dry your hair WITHOUT frizz

trick to dry your hair without greasing or curling

Want to dry your hair quickly? But don’t want to use the hair dryer because it makes you frizz? To avoid this, wrap a t-shirt over your towel-dried, untangled hair, then direct the flow of hot air from the hair dryer to your hair without removing the t-shirt. This trick also has the advantage of avoiding greasing your hair more quickly.

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7. To clean makeup stains

tips for removing makeup stains from clothes

Has your foundation left marks on your blouse? Take a tube of shaving foam and spray shaving foam on the stain. Leave to act for about 10 minutes. Then, gently rub the fabric to remove the stain. There you go, the stain is already gone!

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8. Against greasy hair

how to wash oily hair easily

Your hair is greasy and you don’t have time to wash it before going out? Here is a trick to look your best if you have long hair. Wash only the front of your hair with a quick shampoo. Dry them and style them. By falling on the rest of the hair, they will give the illusion that your hair is clean for a few more hours. Simple and fast!

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9. To have luscious lips

how to make your lips fuller fast

To have luscious lips, here is a handy little natural recipe. Mix a dab of Vaseline and add 2 pinches of cinnamon. Mix and apply on your lips and massage. After 3 minutes, your mouth will gain in volume. All you have to do is rinse and apply your lipstick.

10. To make a french manicure easily

how to make a beautiful french manicure

Not always easy to execute! Here is the trick to not miss your french manicure. Prepare your nails with the colorless base and let dry. Take a fairly large rubber band. Place it on your nail stretching it slightly and apply the white coat. Easy, isn’t it?

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11. To apply your eyeliner easily

how to apply eyeliner easily

Here is a trick that will save time. Take your eyelash curler and pass the black pencil on the upper part which is in contact with the eyelid. By using the eyelash curler, the line will be traced on the eyelid. All that remains is to draw the comma and you’re done!

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12. To have more voluminous eyelashes WITHOUT mascara

how to have voluminous eyelashes without mascara

Out of mascara? Do not panic. Take a mascara brush, wash it and dip it in olive oil. Apply it to your eyelashes. Repeat as many times as necessary for your lashes to take on volume. And what’s more, it’s good for your eyelashes!

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13. To make up in 30 seconds

how to quickly apply cheek makeup

To get a perfect complexion easily, here is an ultra-fast method. Put illuminating powder on your index finger, put your usual blush on your middle finger and bronzer on your ring finger. Gently run these 3 tight fingers over your cheek to deposit the 3 shades at the same time. All you have to do is take a big brush and blend it all in. You are made up in the blink of an eye!

14. To bring your mascara back to life

dry mascara, trick to make it more liquid

Your mascara tube has been hopelessly empty for several days? No need to buy a new one! Take contact lens fluid or saline. Pour a few drops into the bottle of mascara then shake. You can still wait a few days before repurchasing mascara.

15. To hold your barrettes easily

how to attach the barrettes or clips

Your barrettes or your head-band do not hold on your hair? Nothing could be easier to fix it! Spray a little hairspray inside the barrette and position it in your hair immediately. This trick works for all hair accessories like headbands and also pendants. Just spray hairspray on the back of the jewel. Remember to clean it in the evening.

16. To prevent your clothes from blowing off

to prevent clothes from flying off double-sided tape

To avoid any garment that flies away shamelessly, consider this little trick. Take double-sided tape and place a small piece of it on the recalcitrant garment. Stick the other side to your skin or another piece of clothing. It will last all day. It works for T-shirts, a blouse, a dress or a skirt.

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17. To avoid mascara « packages »

trick so that mascara does not smudge

What could be more annoying than spilling your mascara on the eye shadow just put on? Or to have packets of mascara on the eyelashes? Make up your eyes normally. When putting on the mascara, place your credit card or a piece of thin cardboard on the edge of your lashes. Then apply mascara. If you overflow, the excess will land on the card and not on your eyelid.

18. To adjust the color of your foundation

how to adjust the color of your foundation

If you bought the wrong color, don’t panic. If your foundation is too light, add a little self-tanner. If your foundation is too dark, dilute it with moisturizer. And now, no need to buy a new foundation!

19. To straighten your hair WITHOUT damaging it

straighten hair without a straightener

To uncurl your hair without a straightener, here is a very simple trick. Let your hair down and untangle it. Take a cloth (old t-shirt) and run it under hot water. Wring it out and wrap the lengths of your hair in it and wait a quarter of an hour. The effect of moist heat will allow your hair to uncurl.

20. To have well-defined eyebrows

how to draw your eyebrows easily

To draw your eyebrows well, you don’t need a special kit! All you need is a toothbrush! Take a clean, dry toothbrush. Style your eyebrows with it. For a cleaner result, brush your mascara.

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21. To avoid sweating

scrub your armpits to prevent perspiration

To sweat less, consider exfoliating the skin of your armpits. Pass the scrub under your armpits with circular movements to remove dead skin. Do this regularly along with the rest of the body. As a result, you will sweat less throughout the year.

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22. To remove glitter nail polish effortlessly

how to remove glitter polish easily

Removing this type of varnish is a real struggle! Here is a trick to make your life easier without using solvent. Put your colorless base on the nails. Apply a layer of washable glue then apply your glitter varnish. To remove it, it will be enough to take off the edges of the varnish and the layer will come off at once.

23. To get rid of bags under the eyes

trick to depuff the eyes

To deflate the bags under the eyes, here is an effective natural remedy. Brew green tea and pour it into the ice cube tray. Freeze it. In the morning, massage the under eyes with a green tea ice cube. Puffiness disappears easily thanks to the cold and the action of green tea.

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24. To catch up on a makeup smudge

how to fix makeup smudges

No need to remove all of your make-up if you have smeared lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow… Take a cotton swab and soak it in Vaseline or baby oil. Dab the makeup smudge with it. Lo and behold, the disaster is over!

25. To create a varnish in the color you want

Use eyeshadow to make a custom polish

Nothing could be simpler and more economical if you can’t find the ideal shade of nail polish. Powder the eyeshadow of the ideal color. Mix 2 colors if necessary and pour the powder into the bottle of a transparent nail polish. Mix well and apply to your nails.

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