25 Psychological Well being Podcasts That Might Assist You Perceive Your self Higher | SELF


Listening to a mental health podcast will not cure clinical depression or an anxiety disorder. A licensed clinician (or comedian or writer) with a microphone is no substitute for connecting with a great therapist or finding another treatment that works for you, with professional help. One Thing a Mental Health Podcast can do, however? Validate your experience and, in some cases, offer expert advice on how to live with whatever you’re up against…and we’re all up against something, whether you’ve been officially diagnosed with a health condition. or maybe you have almost constant urges to take a mental health day.

Of course, dark interviews about the latest scientific research on anxiety aren’t for everyone. Some listeners prefer conversational podcasts in a looser format to escape their intrusive thoughts and get lost in the (informative) chatter. Many of the choices on this list, like Mental Illness Happy Hour And Depressurization mode, leverage humor to shed light on dark matters. You do not have the time or the attention necessary for a long dialogue? Try a meditation that’s shorter than your morning commute or a show like NPR’s life kit, which teaches you how to handle countless situations in just 30 minutes or less. If you’re looking for a podcast about black mental health or one that talks about your particular experience, you’ll hopefully find options on this list as well.

Whether you love hearing relatable stories from people who’ve been there or want practical mental health advice to lighten your load, here are some of the best mental health podcasts you can listen to right now.

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