26 Recycled Objects In Nice Residence Decor.


We all have things in our attics that no longer serve.

We store them without knowing what to do with them…

It’s still more economical than buying it! Not to mention the fact that you can customize them to your liking.

We have selected for you 26 ideas for recycling old objects in home decoration:

1. A chair and coffee table caddy

red plastic caddy transformed into a chair

2. An old swing chair

old chair turned into a swing

3. A church pew at the head of the bed

headboard made with old church bench

4. An old shelf ladder

ladder transformed into a shelf

5. A wheelchair caddy

fat chair with a caddy

6. A suitcase in a small chair

suitcase recycled into sofa

7. Folding chairs in shelves

shelf wardrobe with wooden folding chair

8. A bicycle as a bathroom cabinet

old bike as bathroom furniture

9. Pallets in children’s bed

toddler bed made with pallets

10. Lawn chair belts

folding chair with belt

11. Coffee tables in wall shelves

wall shelves with cut-out coffee table

12. An old car in bed

old car turned into a bed

13. An old mosquito net in a laundry basket

homemade laundry basket materials recycling

14. Room divider hangers

screen made with colored hangers

15. A desk with drawers for appetizer storage

aperitif storage in old office

16. A bread box as a charging station

bread box transformed into a loading station

17. Empty bottles as a light fixture

chandelier light fixture with glass bottles

18. Buffet milk crates

drawer sideboard with milk crate

19. A sofa bathtub

bathtub converted into a sofa

20. A tractor wheel as a coffee table

tractor wheel transformed into a coffee table

21. A Stack of Stool Magazines

book stack with seat cushion

22. A couch phone booth

English telephone box transformed into a sofa

23. A reel of cable in the office

reel of cable transformed into a desk

24. An old bookcase as a desk divider

library to separate open space offices

25. A piano in the library

library made with a piano

26. Rocking chair bike tires

bicycle tire deck chair

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