28 Finest Items for Husbands in 2022: Huckberry, Williams Sonoma, Amazon, Nordstrom, Unusual Items


If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to find the best gifts for husbands. Well, I have a secret for you: before I put together this comprehensive, useful, and (if I do say so myself) list of gift ideas, I wasn’t sure what to get my husband either. We got married six months ago and are coming to our first Hanukkah (and anniversary!) as husband and wife. For him, that doesn’t mean much — we’ve been together for a while and have had our fair share of gifts and celebratory events — but for me, it’s an opportunity to up my gift-giving game.

Whether you’ve been married for a few months or a few decades, celebrating a holiday (like Christmas or Valentine’s Day) or an anniversary, finding the right men’s gift can be difficult. You want to be creative (and maybe practical); you probably have a budget; and you’ve already given them the obvious scarf or wallet. Welcome to the club. Here we’ve compiled a list of gifts for husbands in addition to the obvious – while keeping convenience in mind – of our favorite places to shop, like Amazon, Outdoor Voices, Nordstrom, Williams Sonoma , Huckberry, and more.

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