28 Inspirational Haircut Concepts for Lengthy and Medium Hair


Tapered, curly, or layered … It’s not always easy to find the cut that suits you, when you have long or medium-length hair. Here are some tips to help you choose which hairstyle will look best on you.

How to choose your long, shoulder-length haircut?

Even if you don’t have to, there are some cuts that will make your facial features stand out more than others.

For an oval face: give volume to your hair by making a layered or tapered cut, let your hair directly touch your jaw, to emphasize your smile and accentuate your gaze.

For a rounded face: To reduce the roundness of your face, opt for a long or mid-length cut. Its appearance interacts with the features of your face and lengthens them in a visible and marked way. Avoid the strict square.

For a square face: for long hair, go for a more structured cut. If you have medium-length hair, it is quite possible to opt for a simple couple in order to highlight the natural lines of your face.

For a rectangular face: Cutting your hair to fit your shoulders is still the best option if your face is rectangular in shape.

Although some prefer to have long hair, it is better to have a certain volume and a rather thick hair. Fine hair is prone to brittleness, so if you do, cut back the length and flaunt a nice bob.

Some ideas for cuts …

Square plunging

Without a doubt, the most trendy cut of recent years, the plunging bob has one main advantage, which is that it fits all face shapes. There are various ways to wear the plunge bob on straight, wavy, or curly hair with bangs. To give style to your short haircut, nothing like a pretty color. Bet on a play of light and shadow. Or dare more flashy colors to bring out your personality.

The plunging square, but with a fringe

Straight bangs are usually reserved for a short plunge bob. This is why, it is strongly advised to wear a thick bang and to let it arrive on your eyes. Do not hesitate to draw a line in the middle of the cut to give symmetry to the latter. However, if your face is round, it is not recommended to combine a square cut and a fringe, this will accentuate the roundness of your features. This hairstyle will give you a rock look.

Aerial square

Here is a long bob, but revisited with locks of different lengths. The strands which surround the face must be longer than those which are located at the back of the head. Give an airy and supple side, by treating your hair strand by strand, alternating inside and outside. For more pep, go for a trendy look with a well-marked centered parting and very slightly wavy locks.

The blunt-cut if you want maximum volume

One of the sure values ​​in terms of hairstyle, it is the famous straight cut. The straight cut is strongly recommended for fine hair. Its principle is to put all landlords at the same level. An illusion is created which amplifies the volume of your hair. This cut is particularly appreciated for its adaptability to all shapes and all face tones.

Mid-length tapered for a natural effect

Supple and dynamic, the tapered mid-length blows a breeze of lightness through hair while retaining its length. With its natural finish, this cut is perfect for various hairstyles. Smooth, curly, wavy, rock’n roll, or disheveled, this one adapts to all your desires and all circumstances. Something to reinvent yourself every day.

The unstructured mid-length bob for more vitality

A deconstructed square is a square on which the strands are cut to different lengths, in order to create a gradient between the shorter, tapered top strands and the longer ones below. By tapering the top strands, your bob will look lighter and more lively. For a trendy bohemian effect, combine your unstructured bob with wavy curls.

A classic straight mid-length bob

For the straight bob, all the hair is cut to the same length, so it’s the opposite of a layered, asymmetrical or tapered bob.

Long tapered cut

The ends of the hair are refined to purify the cut and give movement to the whole. A hairstyle done quickly, but that changes everything.

Very long square

If you want to keep the length, this cut is for you. Only the tips are tapered. To achieve this style, it’s all about how you style your hair.

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