29 Concepts for Crops and Flowers You Can Develop in Vials


Do you know the term “hydroponics”? Hydroponics is a method of growing above ground. This growing method requires a lot of skill, but some plants are easy to grow indoors and with the bare minimum. If you thought a flower had to grow in dirt, here are 29 ideas for plants to grow in water bottles.

Growing a succulent in a jam jar

Some succulents support hydroponics very well and can spend very long weeks in water without suffering. For this purpose you can use an empty coffee or jam jar, previously washed and sterilized. For more aesthetics, peel off the labels. Then fill your glass jar with rain or mineral water. Avoid tap water, as it is very low in minerals and full of limestone. All the conditions are now met to grow your plant in a bottle!

Growing aromatic plants in a glass

Aromatic herbs have the particularity of growing very quickly in water. It is advisable to cut the leaves before putting your stem in water. This is a very simple way to multiply your aromatic herbs. Plus, they’ll look great in your kitchen.

bulb culture in flask

Growing an avocado bulb or pit in water is for everyone. It could not be easier. Fill a jar with mineral or rainwater. Then you will need to find a mechanism to keep just the underside of your bulb or cores in contact with the water. Above all, do not fully immerse your plant, it could rot. For avocado pits, the trick is to stick 2 or 3 toothpicks into the seed. You can also opt for a jar with a smaller opening so that the seed remains on the surface of the water. Finally, another method is to use a plastic container with a hole large enough to keep your bulb at a good height from the water and let the roots spread out. Place the entire assembly in the previously filled glass container and you’re done.

The garden in a jar

How about making a little indoor garden in a bottle, or any other glass container? Most important in your indoor ecosystem is moss. It stores water in the garden in bottles and releases it during the day. The water balance of the glass is regulated by the evaporation of water from the foam.

Croton leaf in a jar

It is a plant with very bold foliage. The croton is an easy-care hydroponic plant. If you come across this plant at a friend’s house or in the wild, take a leaf from it and put it in water. The advantage of this plant is that it will require little maintenance effort.

The garden of tropical plants in a bottle

Grow and enjoy. A garden of jars is like a small forest in a glass. A mini-ecosystem in its own right, in which exotic plants can thrive thanks to the tropical climate. So you can experience and observe with your own eyes the course of life in nature!

Tuberous plants in a jar

An easy and economical idea: plant your rhizomes or tubers. Do you have a rooting potato? Put it in a glass of water! This method works with all types of tubers and roots.

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