29 guide actions for two 12 months olds


Very often, it can seem difficult, even complicated, to carry out fun and educational activities for our little ones. This is why we have compiled a summary of the activities that you can offer your toddlers, and which could enable them to develop their capacities.

1. Paint

With the painting and brushes, your children could quickly start painting. let them do it imagination.

2. Color

find a coloring book and colouring pencils for the children with whom they will make their achievements. Help them choose the colors to use.

3. Create with modeling clay

With modeling clay, ask them to create shapes that they have in mind. This will awaken their motor skills and their creative spirit.

4. Create with Salt Dough

Like modeling clay, you can use salt dough and set up a creative and decorating workshop at home.

5. Design Paper Mache

From the papier-mâché, suggest that the children make animals or any other shape they would like to make.

6. Take Self-Portraits

It’s very funny as an activity, because the child will just have to stand in front of a mirror and try to draw his own portrait.

7. Make Beads

This activity requires a lot of concentration to get a better result. The child will want to make his most beautiful creation and you must let him go to the end of his imagination.

8. Create a painting board

Here, you just need to put some paint on a sheet and place it directly in a transparent plastic bag and then seal it to prevent your child from getting dirty when drawing with their fingers.

9. Create a Magic Drawing

It’s an equally fun activity for children. You must first make a drawing, then create a magic lamp to finally assemble the 2 and go to discover the secrets.

10. Make origami

Creating paper objects is so relaxing and it also allows the child to work on his motor skills.

11. Play a construction game

Let your children build a city, a house, or even a car with building blocks. This will help them work on their creativity and patience.

12. Make a puzzle

Very simple activity and very appreciated by the 2 year olds ! Preferably ask them to piece together an image they like, they will find the game even more appealing.

13. Make collage

Make montages from magazines, newspapers and scissors. They can take one person’s nose, another’s mouth and eyes to create a new character.

14. Put the books away

Tidying up works the child’s concentration. You can ask them to arrange the books by size and color.

15. Make a house of cards

This game has always been exciting, insofar as it requires a lot of concentration on the part of the child to complete his castle and have a good rendering.

16. Put away toys

After playing, let them put their toys away on their own. This will help them to be ordained in the future.

17. Take pictures

And if you let your children play photographers in order to immortalize everything they want? They will start taking pictures of everything in the house and it will be fun.

18. Make puppets

Invite your little ones to tell stories using puppets. To make some, give them old socks and show them how to do it.

19. Make a snow globe

Take an empty jar with lid, stick a figurine on the lid, add water and glycerin and if you want sprinkle some glitter, and voila your snowball is ready.

20. Make a kite

It’s also exciting to make with children a kiteespecially when they know they will go outside to fly it. They will be able to do it quickly while following your instructions.

21. Build a hut

The 2 year old childrens love games that are out of the ordinary! With sheets and blankets, make a cabin in the living room and even move the mattress to make the game more attractive and real.

22. Make a sticky note

Using tongs and Popsicle sticks, make a very nice sticky note with your child .

23. Learn to wash your hands properly

Not only will they find it great fun, but your little ones will be able to avoid certain illnesses by washing their hands regularly.

24. Tidy up the bedroom

Tidying up is a concentration activity that helps toddlersto understand the concept oforder. They will be able to sort toys to offer to children who do not have any.

25. Garden

Children like to play in the dirt. Gardening will allow them to be responsible, because they will be able to make their mini-vegetable garden and take care of it.

26. Clean

At the2 years old , our children want to do everything like us. It won’t be perfect, but at least let them. Just give them the cleaning kit.

27. Make binoculars

Your child could make their own explorer gear themselves.

28. Sorting

Sort by colors, size, type of objects, etc. will allow children simultaneously work on their motor skills and concentration.

29. Transfer

Children love to decant, pour, fill containers, etc.
For the elements to transfer, you can use recycled corks, seeds, raw pasta, matches.


We hope that these craft ideas for 2 year oldspleased you. The list is not exhaustive and you can easily complete it with other activities of your choice for the greatest pleasure of the children.

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