3 important equipment in your kid’s room


When furnishing your child’s bedroom, it’s tempting to go for style over substance and decorate by choosing what looks the cutest and what you think will appeal to your child the most. It is important to remember that sometimes functionality is more important than aesthetics.

Teen bedroom ideas mixed with childhood and adult bedroom decor.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide by looking at some must-have pieces for your child’s rooms and exploring why they are essential for your child and their room!

Create a play space with bunk beds

More than likely, your child’s room is one of the favorite places to play in the house, if not their favorite place, their room is their space and most children have a connection with their room and love to play there. However, most normal beds will take away a lot of valuable floor play space, which isn’t ideal if your child can be a messy gamer or likes to roam around a lot.

Trio Twin Bunk Bed with Shelves

Photo: Trio single bunk bed with shelves

Thus, by exchanging their normal bed for a bunk bed is a great choice, bunk beds raise the bed off the ground and leave an open space underneath which is perfect for playing and when your child gets too old to just play it can be kept and the area under the bed converted into a something else, like a reading corner or a multimedia space.

Keep the right lighting with day and night blinds

If your child also uses their bedroom as a play space, you will need to balance the lighting in the room, if you make it too dark the bedroom will be dark during the day making it harder to play, or if you go too dark light, then your child may have trouble falling asleep as time approaches. It is therefore very important for you to ensure that the lighting works day and night.

To balance the light, it is good to use lamps and small lights around the room, this will give you great control over the artificial lighting in the room. In addition to artificial light, you need to balance natural light with a set of blinds day and nightwhich have a blackout layer to let light in during the day and a blackout layer to keep the light out at bedtime.

Provide space to create with a desk

A good quality children’s desk is an essential part of a child’s room, having a space dedicated exclusively to learning and creating will help form good habits for when your child grows up. Because they associate their desk with work and learning, they’ll be better prepared for tasks like homework when they’re old enough to receive it.

Not only have a office in your child’s room develop good habits for work and learning, but a desk also gives them a surface to be creative on, which is good for them as they have a safe space to clutter and good for you because they aren’t making that mess on the floor.

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