3 Enjoyable Concepts To Liven Up Your Vacation Meals!


When you don’t know the other guests, it’s not always easy to avoid slumps or awkward moments.

In my family or with my friends, we are now game enthusiasts or others entertainment who liven up a meal.

Organizing some entertainment and games during long festive meals is a fun way to have fun.

It also allows you to get to know your table companions a little better.

Laughter guaranteed! Relaxation, laughter, surprises and beautiful encounters await you!

Here are 3 fun activities to liven up your holiday meals. Look :

1. Hidden Challenges

We tested it for my last rack.

I had previously prepared challenge cards (80 for 15 prestigious guests).

The principle ? When the guests arrive, they are made draw a card.

They must try to complete the challenge at any time in the evening without getting caught.

When a challenge is successful, the guest can re-draw a card.

The goal is to win the most challenges possible.

The advantage of this animation is not to disturb the normal course of an evening.

Moreover, who wants to participate and nothing obliges to play.

Example of challenges: « Place the words Passere, Lady-Gaga and dishwasher » in the same conversation, « Make someone quilt », « Make a tongue twister say », « Passionate a guest for 5 min on the subject smart lemon », « Make someone do a handstand », « Do origami with a guest », etc.

Let wander your imagination! Do not hesitate to propose your challenges to us.

2. Music quiz

This animation is quite nice and does not disturb the conversations of the evening either.

I have many compilations theme music and I let them play throughout the meal.

As soon as a guest has found the name of the song, the author or the theme, he wins a point.

I let the whole album run and like that, I avoid staying all evening near the Hi-fi system.

Example of compilations: Cartoon music, advertising music, film music, 80s, Les Bernards, hits by unexpected singers (Mimi Mathy, Evelyne Leclerc, Jean-Pierre Lafont, Bernard Tapie, Passe Partout…), national anthems, The Club of 27, etc.

3. Biography riddles

For this animation, I ask my guests beforehand to bring back a Photo of them baby.

Or I borrow them one object representing a precious memory of their childhood.

When they arrive, they give them to me discreetly.

And once everyone is there, I arrange all the childhood photos on a board or all the objects on a table.

During the evening, everyone will take the time to guess « who is who » Where « what is whose« .

When someone is sure of himself, he will ask the question secretly to the person concerned.

If he wins, 1 pointif he loses 1 point for the owner of the object and 1 point for the one who was targeted.

It can become quite funny when everyone starts to suspect the others, to try bluffing, to preach the false to know the true…

A variant is to recover the resolutions of everyone that we then display on a board.

The same system: you have to find which resolution corresponds to which person!

For example: « Quitting smoking », « Finding a stable job », « Selling your motorcycle », « Separating from your Nin-Nin », « Spending less time in front of Dr House », « Replacing your underwear », etc.

Host a party Often requires a bit of preparation, but it’s definitely worth it.

My friends and I can’t live without it!

There are lots of other entertainments like « If » cards (If I had three arms, if I was a kitchen utensil, if I could go now wherever I want, if my mother-in-law was…) to be drawn by the guests in turn.

I also like to do swich place my guests during the meal (for each course), especially when they don’t know each other.

We also like to offer a board game from time to time to bring everyone together. This is our prefer ! Laughter guaranteed!

Here I hope that with this, your festive meals will be unforgettable and your evenings even more beautiful!

Your turn…

If you have other ideas for evening entertainment, I’m all ears. Explain the principle to me in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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