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If, like nearly one in two people in France, you have an electric heater, you must know that terrible feeling of anxiety that grips you when you receive your electricity bill at the end of winter. And with today’s ever-increasing energy prices, that moment is all the more to be feared. Fortunately, an electric heater does not necessarily rhyme with reckless spending. In reality, it is quite possible to easily reduce your heating consumption. We explain how!

1) Change old radiators

So of course, to change your old, particularly energy-consuming radiators, it requires a certain investment. And, we grant you, not everyone can afford it. But if you have the opportunity, know that if you replace your old electric heaters with newer models, you will be a winner in the long run. Indeed, by opting for less energy-intensive devices, you can reduce your heating bill by almost 80% !

Regarding the choice of the type of low consumption radiator, we recommend the inertia electric heaters, which are the most economical due to their mode of operation. But for more information, do not hesitate to visit professional sites, such as carrera.fr, in order to make an informed choice.

Granny’s advice: to further optimize your energy consumption, also think about the possibility of changing the heating system (for a pellet stove for example) and carrying out thermal insulation work in your home to avoid losses. heat.

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2) Lower the heating

Accustomed to comfort as we are, we tend to put the heating on particularly high in order to evolve in a warm and therefore pleasant environment. But, in reality, a temperature of 20, 21 or 22 degrees is by no means necessary. In a living room, like the living room, the ideal temperature is actually 19°C, or even less for the less cautious among us. And in the bedroom, 17°C can be enough, except for young children who will need a minimum temperature of 19°C.

Sounds too cold to you? And yet, by lowering the heating by only 1°C, you could save about 7% on your electricity bill. Not to mention the ecological benefit. Might be worth putting on a warmer sweater, right?

3) Use a connected thermostat

This is THE solution of the moment. And for good reason, with advances in technology, it is now possible to program your radiators to trigger at certain times and in certain rooms only. All remotely. And even better, there are even smart thermostats that monitor your heating consumption for you.

Thus, according to the Ecological Transition Agency (ADEME), using a connected thermostat would make it possible to achieve 5 to 15% energy savings. So why deprive yourself of it!

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