3 issues to do once you’re hungover and feeling like rubbish


Together, these effects can trigger stomach pain and make you feel nauseous, says Dr. Schacht. On top of that, drinking multiple drinks on an empty stomach can lead to low blood sugar, which makes you feel weak and shaky the next day. To lessen the horror of it all, be sure to eat something as soon as possible. Ideally, you eat before or while drinking to slow the absorption of alcohol into your body. (But, alas, these things can get away from you when you’re feeling a little loose!) If you haven’t eaten enough, be sure to grab a solid meal or snack when you can. Food will absorb some of that extra stomach acid in your gut and replenish some of the nutrients you likely peed on, advises Dr. Schact.

There’s no too data strongly suggests that certain types of food are better for you after drinking than others, Dr. Schacht says, but he recommends eating, one, carbs (like bread or rice) to get your blood sugar back up , and two, potassium-rich foods (bananas and potatoes tick both boxes!) – remember that you’re probably lacking in essential minerals after soaking your insides in alcohol. Bland foods, like toast and crackers, can also ease gastrointestinal issues and help restore your blood sugar. People sometimes feel too nauseous to eat after drinking a ton, so they put it off, but « it really pays to bring food if you can, » says Dr. Schacht.

Let yourself rest, if you can.

Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly lousy after a night of drinking, I wake up and jog or immediately tackle household chores to, IDK, pretend everything is fine (when in truth, I’m in trouble). Don’t be like me. What you really want to do, according to Dr. Schacht, is nothing.

Alcohol causes an increase in an inhibitory neurotransmitter called GABA. In the moment, all that GABA makes you feel calm and relaxed (hence why people like to drink). When you stop drinking, your GABA levels suddenly drop, which can trigger some kind of withdrawal effect, explains Dr. Schacht. It can make you anxious, irritable, and restless the next day.

To alleviate these feelings, you want to try to rest: « Sleep, sit on the couch, don’t overload your body the next day because you’ll only make that feeling of anxiety and restlessness worse if you’re hyperactive. » after heavy drinking,” says Dr. Schacht. Not to mention, chances are you’ll be sleep deprived and feeling sluggish anyway, as alcohol tends to keep you from getting a restful night’s rest, research show.

Go easy! Take a nap, read a book, watch a feel-good show – have what I call a « nothing day. » Even though I tend to try to keep myself busy when I’m hungover (why?!), resting, it seems, is actually the most productive thing I – and you – can do. do after drinking too many gin and tonics.


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