3 suggestions for selecting the best physician


The attending physician (generally also general practitioner) is a very important interlocutor in a health journey. In addition to the answers to your questions, he provides preventive follow-up and a personalized treatment protocol in addition to keeping your medical file up to date (examination results [prises de sang, radiographies, etc.], treatments, diagnoses, etc.). He is also the person who will refer you to a specialist if necessary and will ensure your follow-up in the event of a chronic illness or long-term illness. It is also compulsory to have one in order to be properly reimbursed by Social Security. But you still have to be able to choose it well! Here are a few tips.

The importance of the first contact with the doctor

Whether it is when making an appointment or during the meeting in question, first impressions are crucial. Do you feel that the doctor has taken an interest in you and your health journey till today ? And above all, how was his reception? These are all elements that set up your future doctor-patient relationship.

And of course, you can also find out about yourself, as well as read the reviews present on the net. For all health care (even in clinics, analysis centers, doctors’ offices and hospitals), you can always easily find useful opinions and feedback to get an idea.

Make sure it is available

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The availability of the attending physician is a key point to consider. Is he taking new patients? Is it easy to have a date? Can he receive you in an emergency or at least direct you to a colleague as soon as possible? Be clear with these points before you decide. Also be careful if you have the feeling that this health professional is not taking the time to closely examine you, listen to you or question you during your interviews. These are the crucial points of a good follow-up, because they allow determine the physical and mental state of the patient. In the process, this establishes a relationship of trust.

Good to know: Opting for a group medical practice (therefore with several general practitioners) facilitates continuity of care. If your doctor is away, his colleagues will have easy access to your medical file.

Take into account the price

It is up to each one to choose a practitioner approved by sector 1 (applying the tariff set by Social Security) or approved by sector 2 (with potential fee overruns). It is necessary in all cases inquire about the price consultation to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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