3 uncommon tricks to clear your automobile seats to perfection


In a previous article, we had an overview of classic tips for cleaning a car seat. It must be said that between the steam cleaner, white vinegar, dishwashing liquid, baking soda and soda crystals, there is no shortage of solutions to remove all the stubborn dirt and stains that dot car seats. Whether it is because you are clumsy or because you have pets and/or children, it is indeed not uncommon to leave some traces behind (food, vomit, etc.) and therefore to look for the best household products to deal with it. Today, however, we will rather mention the more unusual, but also the most effective tricks to clean your car seats to perfection.

Easy to use and very effective, each of these solutions can also be used to clean the trunk or the upholstery which can also become stained during car journeys.

1) Sparkling water to clean your car seats

clean car seats
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Whether it’s because the journey drags on or because the car can sometimes smear a little, ‘small accidents’ can sometimes occur in the passenger compartment. Whether it is vomit or urine, then it leaves stains and bad odors that are difficult to remove. To remove stains of all kinds and odors (and give the interior of your car a good clean up!), however, you can use sparkling mineral water.

To do this, mix 240 ml of sparkling water with 120 ml of distilled white vinegar, 120 ml of washing-up liquid and 60 ml of lemon juice. This gives you a complete stain remover and deodorizer to get rid of dirt. All you have to do is spray this mixture on the seats using a spray bottle and rub with a cloth or brush to remove the stains.

2) Shaving foam, an outstanding stain remover

clean car seats
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Shaving foam is an oddly effective product for detach all kinds of surfaces, starting with very dirty car seats that need to be cleaned. It is enough here to apply it on the entire seats or just on the stains to be treated and to rub with a clean cloth or a brush. You can then rinse with a sponge and warm water, then leave to dry completely.

Attention, to carry out this trick, it is important to use a shaving foam, not a cream. Also, opt for an untinted product to avoid staining the seats with an artificial dye. A simple budget-friendly white shaving foam will give you the best results. You can then also use it to clean stains on your clothes and carpets, to clean the shower door or to prevent the formation of fog on your mirrors or your windshield. It’s a great multi-purpose!

3) The product for windows, very effective on car seats

clean car seats
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To clean your car seats quickly and easily, you can also spray them with window cleaner. Then give it a good rub with a clean, lint-free cloth or brush. This will remove even very difficult stains. There is no doubt that this quick tip will help those in a hurry!

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