30 concepts to have extra space in small rooms


Hello girls, I found you 30 great ideas to have more space in small rooms. With these ideas you will discover designs for mezzanines, stairs for studio or small bedroom as well as examples of space optimization with which to be inspired to make your own configuration at home.

What we love above all when you have already adopted a mezzanine or converting an attic is to be able to access it easily and what takes a lot of space to achieve it in general are the stairs and it is never easy to know what are the possible configurations to save space with the stairs before discovering great ideas like these.

Here it will be a question of seeing how other people have set up their studio or their room so as to save space while having a nice decoration. You will see from simple ways to design a mezzanine that is both practical and economical to the most advanced ideas that will practically double your floor space by creating a full duplex if the height of the ceilings in your home allows you to do so. with the first idea that I would like to present to you in this article which is a magnificent duplex created with stairs giving access to a wooden bed floor.

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