30 prime home concepts to make with wooden


Today I gathered you 80 ideas that I really like with wood.
There are wooden house interior decorations, decorative objects to make yourself with salvaged tree trunks like planters or really stylish shelves.

A good way to have a good time crafting and of reuse scrap wood that we can all have in our garden when we cut wood to design useful decorative objects and designs to furnish your home or garden.

The first part of this collection brings together ideas for wooden housesthe second part brings together ideas for DIY objects to make yourself with tree trunks the third part brings together DIY objects to make with pieces of wood.

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First part: The wooden houses

In the first part we will see together the most beautiful wooden house ideas that I like the most and that I have collected in this collection.

A whole house made of wood and logs

Whether to build a chalet in the mountains, a small shed or a house with several rooms as in the photo, if you like wood, with this idea you will be able to design a truly magnificent construction.

This collection is offered as an album with one image per page.

A wooden house with a beautiful terrace

If you have a building plot and you want to build an original idea there, you will be delighted to see this idea and this photo. This wooden house is just magnificent with its marvelous terrace in the middle of the trees.

A small wooden shed-style house

This construction can be done easily if you have a little space in your garden. You can build this wooden shed for your children or for yourself to make it a holiday home or a very nice little rest area.

A wooden house in the trees

Many of us love nature and would very much like to have a wooden house like these in the trees whether it is to spend a weekend or a holiday there or to live there all year round.

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