31 Greatest Shampoos for Curly Hair, In response to the Professionals in 2023: Ouidad, SheaMoisture, Bumble, Bumble


Showing your curls the love they deserve means using better tools, styling your hair with care and, of course, finding the best shampoos for curly hair. That’s easier said than done given the wide range of curly hair products on the market, not to mention your personal preferences, hair needs, and curl type. That’s enough to make you feel both spoiled and totally stuck as to which top-rated shampoo is definitely worth trying.

Everyone’s curly hair journey is bound to involve a lot of trial and error, so a little expert insight into shampoos and hair care products that might be a cut above the rest is always welcome. , especially if you’ve only recently adopted your hair naturally. curly texture. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of expert-approved shampoos for curly hair. We spoke with salon owners and stylists who specialize in treating and styling curly hair and picked the winning options from our dermatologist-approved SELF Healthy Beauty Awards to bring you the best shampoos for curly hair around.

What to look for in shampoo for curly hair

When you have curls, you can’t buy just any shampoo or conditioner down the aisle. From waves to coils, the range of curly hair types is wide and there are products to match. Due to the shape of the strands, curly hair dries faster than straight hair, so you’ll want to look for moisturizers and humectants (like oils). Generally, stylists encourage sulfate-free shampoos, as well as silicone-free and paraben-free ones.

« You want to look for sulfate- and paraben-free products and shampoos because they dry out your hair, » Robyn Stanley, stylist at Noordwyck Lounge in Brooklyn, says SELF. « It also adds to the frizz problem if not counteracted with styling products. »

Read on to discover the best shampoos for curly hair, whether you prefer something nourishing, foaming or clarifying. These choices will leave your hair happier, healthier, and more hydrated on your next wash day.

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