32 Shocking Cottage Cheese Recipes You may Love


Cottage cheese sometimes gets a bad rap, but the creamy, curdled ingredient is an absolute delight in many fantastic cottage cheese recipes. Although frequently served cold and accompanied by fruit for breakfast or a snack, this dairy product is surprisingly excellent for cooking and baking. In fact, cottage cheese can be as versatile an ingredient as yogurt or cream cheese for the home chef. And you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of things in their original form either. Even though its unique texture is usually not your favorite enjoyed on its own, you’ll find that the right preparation can turn cottage cheese into something you not only love, but love.

Cottage cheese lends tangy flavor, tons of moisture, tender texture, and lots of protein to recipes. (A one-cup serving contains about 25 grams of protein, depending on the USDA.) Some recipes leave the curds intact for that signature texture, while others turn it into something smooth with a food processor or blender. You can toss it into pancakes for an extra moist stack, whisk it with vinegar and oil to make a creamy dressing, or use it to create the perfect, photogenic cheese for your next lasagna topper. And whenever you’re looking for a meatless way to bulk up a meal with protein, this calcium-rich candy is ready to help.

By the way, people with lactose intolerance should be aware that cottage cheese is not the lowest lactose cheese (although it will vary by brand and production process, as well as your individual sensitivity). Fortunately, there are lactose-free cottage cheeses. And if you prefer or need to avoid dairy altogether, there are even plant-based varieties of cottage cheese on the market. (You may need to experiment a bit to make sure the product has the same effect as the original when cooked or baked.)

Ready to cook with your unexpected new favorite ingredient? From cottage cheese breakfast recipes like pancakes and scrambled eggs, to all your lunches, dinners, and snacks in between, this list of 32 cottage cheese recipes has something even skeptics will love.

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