33 Bohemian Marriage ceremony Hairstyles for Medium Size Hair


Want to shine brightly on your wedding day? If yes, then the bohemian style is one of the best options available to you. An old style from antiquity, this fashion is increasingly being used in modern fashion, especially in terms of hairstyles. Such a marvel comes from a combination of the hippie style and rock which date back to the 19th century. Adopting a very inspiring and stylish fashion, bohemian cuts are increasingly suitable for medium-length hair.

Do you have medium-length hair and want to be remembered by your guests forever? So you have to give yourself the necessary weapons to get there. Give a bohemian look to your mid-length hair to salivate your companion and your guests. Here we offer you some ideas of hairstyles that may well inspire you.

Which bohemian style to choose for medium-length hair?

When it comes to bohemian hairstyles, you have a multitude of choices at your disposal. You will have so many choices to make that you will even feel embarrassed. So the question is what choice to make in this embarrassment of proposals. Well, for example, you can choose a bohemian style with a bun for medium length hair.

But if you don’t like it, then you can bet on a ponytail that would go perfectly with medium-length hair. Failing that, then why not turn your attention to a braid that could also light up your face with starry colors. A little mix of gray and blonde would make a perfect design. However, it is important to rely on certain criteria to make the ideal choice.

How to choose your bohemian hairstyle for medium-length hair?

To make a good choice of mid-length bohemian wedding hairstyle, you must take into account several criteria.

  • First, it is important to consider your skin tone. A good match between hair color and your complexion would be perfect.
  • Then, you will also have to take into account the shape of your face. The style suitable for a long face will not necessarily be perfect for a round face.
  • Finally, consider your tastes and preferences. Ask the opinion of your relatives on your choices.

With our hairstyle ideas, you will have something to inspire you.

1/ Side ponytail

This is a hairstyle that could make you happy on your wedding day. A rather special ponytail.

2/ Straight hair with a side ponytail

An original style for your wedding? If so, then here is the choice to make!

3/ An ideal cut for the youngest

This hairstyle is perfect for the bride!

4/ Simplicity with flower crown

Are you a fan of simplicity? What more do you need than a gorgeous one with flower crown!

5/ Brown and a beautiful decor

Opt for an original color for your wedding. But, a little gray would not be too much.

6/ The ideal style for spring

An ideal hairstyle for the spring wedding? Well, bet on this choice.

7/ Mid-length and plunging pixie

Keep it simple, but beautiful is what this hairstyle offers you!

8/ Loose hair with a crown braid

Isn’t pigtails elegant? They are even more so with relaxed hair

9/ Blonde and flipped hair

Put your face in ecstasy with this flower decorated hairstyle!

10/ Smooth, blonde curls

What a gorgeous option for ladies in their thirties!

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