33 Low-cost Intercourse Toys Below $50 You will Love in 2022: We-Vibe, Satisfyer, Lovehoney, Unbound, and Extra


Everything is expensive these days, but should your sex toys be? Cheap sex toys might not be the shiniest, sleekest personal pleasure products out there, but hey, if they give you pleasure, an orgasm, or a deeper connection with your partner, they’re worth just as much as their premium product. counterparts.

Many sex toys cost over $200, and they aren’t very high-tech either. More expensive sex toys are often award-winning, expert-approved and hundreds of five-star reviewers. However, there are plenty of affordable, high-quality options out there that might give you even more bang for your buck (wink).

Now, you have to be careful when buying cheap sex toys. Make sure the toys you’re looking at are made from certified body-safe materials (like platinum-grade silicone or borosilicate glass) and have powerful motors. If they are labeled as waterproof, make sure there are no holes or charging ports that could break the toy or injure you if exposed to water. You can also check out the brand and read reviews and ratings before adding it to your cart.

It might seem like a lot of work, so we’ve done the research for you. Below, check out 35 sex expert-approved, vetted sex toys under $50 to add to your cart. You’ll find vibrators of all kinds, dildos, anal sex toys, harnesses and strap-ons, cock rings and more from brands we trust like We-Vibe, Unbound and Lovehoney. Whether you’re planning some solo time or using them with a partner, a good time is virtually guaranteed. Looking for something even cheaper? You may be able to make a homemade sex toy with the tools you have for yourself.

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