34 Scrumptious Nettle Recipes (Straightforward and Fast to Make).


Yes, there are dozens of easy and delicious recipes to make with nettles.

It’s true… Just bend down to pick them up.

And get ready to eat delicious meals that are economical and easy to make.

Here are 34 easy-to-make nettle recipes for cook delicious dishes from nettles. Look :

Looking for a simple and healthy recipe ? So, we’re starting with a soup that you’ll tell us about. It is a traditional recipe that will quickly find its place in your daily cooking. And you don’t need Thermomix or Cookeo to prepare it. Discover the recipe here.

2. Nettle pesto

Nettle pesto

If you want to amaze your friends, make them this pesto. And don’t worry, it’s very easy to do. It’s a change from basil pesto to flavor your pasta or pizzas. But do not hesitate to make toast during the aperitif. Success guaranteed! Discover the recipe here.

3. Nettle quiche

A slice of nettle quiche

Quiches are one of the great classics of family cooking. But if we’re talking about nettle quiche, then there… Right away, we have a original dish that changes from the ordinary… without breaking the bank! Discover the recipe here.

4. Nettle Crackers

Two glasses filled with nettle crackers

To crunch as an aperitif or to accompany a verrine, fall for these gourmet salty crackers. They are so much easier to make that you can usedried nettle to make this recipe. Discover the recipe here.

5. Nettle ravioli

Several ravioli with nettles in a white plate

It is well known: Monday is ravioli! Yes, but ravioli with spicy herbs and ricotta. It’s a simply delicious combination. And it will surprise the taste buds of the whole family. Discover the recipe here.

6. Nettle flan

A glass dish with nettle flan

Why not prepare a flan with these wild herbs? It’s the kind of small quick meals to prepare in the evening. In a few minutes, you can prepare a complete dish that allows you to enjoy it at almost no cost. Serve with a salad… And at the table! Discover the recipe here.

7. Armenian soup with nettles

A deep plate filled with Armenian nettle soup

There are a thousand and one soup recipes prepared with these wild herbs. This one is of Armenian origin and it is quite delicious. There is also bulgur, which makes it a complete and balanced dish. Discover the recipe here.

8. Nettle cake

A person holding a nettle cake

Are you going on a picnic? Why not prepare a savory cake which does not lack spice! It changes traditional sandwiches. And on the flavor side, there are no photos. You will win! Discover the recipe here.

9. Cauliflower and nettle patty

A cauliflower and nettle pancake in a white plate

Vegetable pancakes have the great advantage of reconciling children with vegetables. In addition, we can do a lot at once and freeze them. No time to prepare a dish for an evening meal? Hop, they defrost quickly. Don’t forget to take them to the office for a healthy and economical lunch. Discover the recipe here.

10. Savory nettle muffins

Several savory nettle muffins with flowers

These weeds go very well with cheese. It’s amazing, but the combination of the two is really a success. Do you doubt it? Try this recipe for muffins with camembert. You will be pleasantly surprised. Discover the recipe here.

11. Nettle, chocolate and chilli muffins

Several muffins with nettles, chocolate and chilli

Now that you know how to make savory muffins, how about making sweet muffins ? Chilli, chocolate, nettles… That awakens the taste buds! But rest assured. If you don’t like the flavors too spicy, just remove the pepper. Discover the recipe here.

12. Nettle Cookies

Several nettle cookies

If there are easy to make cookies, those are the cookies! It’s a great classic. But you can make it an original recipe by adding a handful of nettles. This association is a very beautiful taste discovery. Discover the recipe here.

13. Nettle beer

a homemade craft beer with nettles

Do you know that we can make beer with nettles ? And it’s not that complicated! Admittedly, it may not be a beer with a great tradition. But you made it! And you are bound to surprise your friends. Discover the recipe here.

14. Goat cheese and nettle tart

A goat cheese and nettle pie

Looking for a recipe gluten free and greedy? Then you have found the recipe for you. Here, the dough has been replaced by quinoa. And the result is super delicious! Discover the recipe here.

15. Nettle chips

nettle crisps

Do you know vegetable chips or potato peels? Well, now is the time to discover the nettle crisps. You will impress your friends at the aperitif. Discover the recipe here.

16. Nettle tea

A cup with nettle tea

Nettles are full of health benefits. Joint pain, rheumatism, acne, psoriasis, eczema, fat-burning… Why not take advantage of its benefits by drinking a detox tea with nettle ? Discover the recipe here.

17. Nettle gratin

A gratin of nettles in a half-finished glass dish

Do a gratinis always a good idea! It’s good, economical and easy to make. And this one will change from everyday life since it associates potatoes with nettles. A good way to enjoy a cuisine that is both healthy and delicious! Discover the recipe here.

18. Omelets with nettles

A square-shaped nettle omelet on a plate

What else quick and easy to make an omelet? And it’s so good! Whether you prepare it in the oven or in the pan, this is an opportunity to rediscover a classic! Discover the recipe here.

19. Green lasagna with nettles

A green lasagna with nettles with two spoons on it

This recipe is a nod to Italian cuisine! But with nettles, chard and quite a bit of cheese… You’re going to renew this great cooking classic. It’s super tasty and it’s a treat! Discover the recipe here.

20. Nettle crumble

A small black bowl containing nettle crumble

We all know apple crumble. But did you know that it also comes in salty version ? This is the case with this butternut crumble with nettles. This recipe adapts particularly well to wild herbs. Discover the recipe here.

21. Risotto with nettles

A plate filled with nettle risotto

Fancy a fancy dinner? So get started on preparing a risotto. It is easy to do and it always has an incredible effect. And to impress your guests, offer a spring version with nettles. Discover the recipe here.

22. Nettle and blackberry smoothie

A glass filled with nettle and blackberry smoothie with plants all around

We know that smoothies are full of vitaminss and nettles too! So why not combine the two in a drink full of energy and 100% natural? Discover the recipe here.

23. Nettle Hummus

A red ceramic bowl with nettle hummus and a slice of bread in it

Do you like hummus? Then you’re going to love this new hummus recipe. And it’s surprisingly easy to prepare. Perfect for a vegan and light aperitif! Discover the recipe here.

24. Shortbread with nettles

An oven rack with lots of nettle shortbread on it

Want an original snack? Start preparing these delicious shortbread cookies. You are sure to feast on cookies 100% natural. Much better and much healthier than biscuits bought in supermarkets. Discover the recipe here.

25. Nettle Cat Tongues

A glass dish filled with cat's tongues with nettles

THE cat language… They have a delicious taste of childhood, don’t they? Well, know that you can make them at home… with wild and pungent herbs! Discover the recipe here.

26. Nettle syrup

homemade nettle syrup

If you are looking for a drink full of benefits for your health, this nettle syrup is made for you. Not only is it good, but it is also full of health benefits. Discover the trick here.

27. Nettle gnocchi

A plate filled with nettle gnocchi

Have you ever prepared homemade gnocchi ? It’s quite easy. It’s original and it’s a treat. You can serve them with parmesan, mint, fresh cream or tomato sauce. Discover the trick here.

28. Nettle juice

A glass filled with nettle juice

These herbs have tonic, astringent, depurative, anti-infectious, diuretic, anti-rheumatic properties. And you can enjoy all these benefits in this nettle juice. Discover the recipe here.

29. Nettle water

A glass cup filled with nettle water with the plant inside

Don’t have a juicer? It’s not serious. You can still enjoy the incredible properties of fresh nettles with this water prepared with the leaves. The recipe is super simple. Discover it here.

30. Nettle butter

Nettle butter on several loaves

Are you preparing an aperitif with friends? What do you think of preparing a nettle butter ? You can make toast out of it. And your guests will quickly enjoy it. Discover the recipe here.

31. Snail and nettle butter ravioli

Snail ravioli and nettle butter

Speaking of nettle butter… What if you take the opportunity to prepare an incredible recipe for snail ravioli. The nettle butter brings them out perfectly. Discover the recipe here.

32. Snail casserole with nettle cream

Cassolettes of snails with nettle cream in a small black verrine and with tongs

If you like snails, you should try this gourmet recipe. These little snail casseroles go perfectly well with this sublime nettle cream. Discover the recipe here.

33. Pancakes with nettles

A pancakes with nettles in a white plate in nature

Pancakes are both a simple, rustic dish, easy to make and economical. Prepared with stinging nettles, they are simply delicious. Discover the recipe here.

34. Nettle vinegar

A maceration made with vinegar and nettles

It is also possible to do maceration with vinegar and nettles. It is an effective grandmother’s remedy for the beauty of your hair. For example, use it in lotion to make a natural anti-dandruff treatment. Discover the recipe here.

Nettles do not grow in your area? Don’t worry ! Because you can make a lot of recipes with dried nettle leavesfound in organic stores.

Or you can prepare a quick dish with bulgur with nettles and fennel. In a few minutes, it’s ready!

Your turn…

Have you tried these recipes prepared with nettles? Leave your opinion in the comments to know if you liked it. We can’t wait to read you!

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