4 intelligent methods to reuse your previous hangers


Hi girls! We have all those old coat hangers cluttering up our closet, but we never know what to do with them. Don’t throw them away! Here are four clever ways to reuse them for your DIY.

1. Create a jewelry storage rack

Personally, I’ve always struggled to find a place to store my jewelry. Eventually I got tired of searching for my earrings among a pile of necklaces and bracelets and decided to make my own storage rack. I took two of my old coat hangers and twisted them into a sort of U shape. I then hooked the two ends of the U to a wooden plate which I painted the color of my choice. And There you go! I now have a nice holder for my jewelry that allows me to find them easily.

2. Turn a coat hanger into a hook

If you are a fan of knitting or crocheting, here is a very simple trick that will allow you to reuse your old hangers. All you need to do is slightly bend a coat hanger so that it forms a sort of hook. You can then use it to hang up your balls of wool or to hang up your works in progress. If you are a handyman, you can even add a wooden handle for more comfort of use.

3. Make a shoe rack

Need more storage for your shoes but don’t have room for a classic shelf? No problem! You can use your old hangers to create an original and economical shoe rack. All you have to do is take several hangers and hang them on a support of your choice (for example a wooden board or a PVC pipe). You can then hang your shoes on the hangers. This shelf is perfect for small spaces and it stores your shoes in a way that they are visible and easy to find.

4. Use a hanger as a support for plants

For those with a green thumb, here is an original idea to reuse your old hangers: use them as a support for your plants! You can hang a hanger from a wall or ceiling and hang your potted plants from it. This solution is ideal for climbing plants or for those that need a little indirect light. If you don’t have a wall available, you can also use a hanger as a support for a plant on a table or on a shelf.

You see, there are plenty of ways to repurpose your old hangers in original and creative ways. So don’t throw them away, put your imagination to work and be resourceful!

And you, do you have any other ideas for reusing your old hangers? Share them in the comments!

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