4 Little-Identified Tips To Get Free Gasoline On Each Fill-Up.


Considering the price of gasoline and diesel, I guess we all agree.

A euro is a euro.

To reduce your gasoline budget as much as possible, there are little-known but effective tips for saving money.

Here are 4 amazing tips for gettingcheaper or even free gasoline with each fill-up. Look :

1. Fill up in the morning

The savings belong to those who get up early!

To get more gas for the same price, the super smart trick is to fill up early in the morning.

Why ? Because at night the temperatures drop.

The fuel tanks then have time to cool down.

And the fuel temperature is lower.

And did you know that cold gasoline is less volatile and denser?

So if it is cold, for the same price, you have more!

2. Do not press the gun too hard

Who goes piano, goes sano… We can now add « and save money ».

Because the 2nd thing that works to get more gas at the same price…

It’s from do not press too hard on the handle gas gun.

Take your time and you have more gas and don’t pay more.

Indeed, the higher the flow rate of the precious liquid, the more it foams.

It also tends to evaporate more. As a result, you have less in the tank.

Do not squeeze the gun handle all the way to fill the tank.

And you really get your money’s worth.

3. Leave the gun in the tank as long as possible

Again, take your time when refueling.

leave the gun the longest time possible in the tank when you have finished filling up.

It is not uncommon for gasoline to still leak a little.

On the one hand, it avoids spilling gasoline by removing the gun on the body of your car…

Or worse on your shoes!

On the other hand, you paid for this essence!

So there’s no reason it shouldn’t end up in your vehicle’s fuel tank.

4. Lift and shake the fuel hose

When you fill in gasoline, unwind the hose well.

When you’re done, release the gas gun handle, but hold it in the tank.

Then with the other hand, lift the pipe a little and shake it.

There is always a little gasoline that will flow from the pipe.

And this gasoline is free !

Be careful, you have to shake the pipe gently.

Your turn…

Have you tried these tricks to get free gas? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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