4 fast and simple ideas for placing in your quilt cowl


After washing the sheets comes the acrobatic and tedious moment of putting the duvet in the duvet cover. And if it is a pleasure to survey the shelves in search of pretty bed linen and good bedding, happiness completely vanishes when installing said bed linen. In short, it’s a real chore that we could do without, even to the point of regretting not having opted for a blanket instead! However, what’s done is done, and we must now assume… Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to make the task easier and achieve it effortlessly. With the right technique, putting on a duvet cover becomes child’s play. Discover these four techniques that change everything!

1) The burrito technique to put on a duvet easily

We introduced you to the burrito technique several years ago and you gave us great feedback. It was therefore impossible for us not to mention it for people who do not already know it. As a reminder, it consists of put the duvet cover inside out and place her on the bed stretching her out as far as possible. Then, we lay our duvet on top matching the corners. Above all, adjust their placement well before starting to roll them together starting from the head to go to the foot and form a kind of burrito. Then take the burrito by one end and pass it inside the cover, stuffing it well. Repeat on the other side and finish by rolling out your burrito. And There you go ! You have put on your duvet as if by magic!

put on a duvet make the bed put on a duvet cover
Video capture – YouTube channel of “Housse de Couette”

2) Grasp the duvet cover by the ears to put it on more easily

To perform this trick, spread your duvet full length on your bed. Next, grab your duvet cover by reaching through with your arms to the opposite corners of the opening with your hands. You will then only have to grab these two « ears » with force and grasp the corners of your duvet just as firmly. All you have to do is turn it over on the comforter to cover it. For this technique to work, it is absolutely necessary succeed in firmly holding the cover and the duvet with your hands. If necessary, do not hesitate to ask someone close to you for help to make the adjustments while you are holding them. This person can then help you shake the quilt to remove any remaining bumps and creases.

3) The puff pastry technique to make your bed easily and quickly

After the burrito, let’s move on to the puff pastry! This method is very useful in case the duvet cover has a smaller opening, which greatly complicates the task. In this case, you can fold the quilt in three widthwise. To do this, we fold the upper part of the duvet, then the lower part towards the center. Then it remains only to bend the sides in the same way. Then slip your duvet into the cover and unfold it inside. THE result is then more or less perfect. Nevertheless, it can be shaken a little to eliminate the last beads before installation on the bed.

put on a duvet make the bed put on a duvet cover
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4) Invest in a tool to help you put on your duvet

It may sound a bit gimmicky, but a French inventor has come up with a tool to facilitate the threading of duvets. The duvet threader allows you to put it on in two minutes flat! This patented innovation, which can also help you fold sheets, involves using clips to hang the comforter and cover on your bedroom door. All you have to do then is flip it over and you’re done. If you haven’t been able to do any of the techniques presented here, this may be a good solution.

With these four techniques, we bet that you will fear the fateful moment of changing the sheets much less. You will no longer have to argue with your partner about who should sacrifice and take care of it!

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