4 shades that go completely with brunettes


If you have brown or dark chestnut lengths, you can adopt a permanent color that will radically change your color. Now is the time for polar hair, cold tones reminiscent of winter. Discover the 4 trends to lighten your hair at the forefront of fashion.

To brighten up your face, it’s time to switch up your look with a color that’s perfect for brunettes. This trendy white hair effect requires coloring for this radical lightening.

Why do polar gray shades go well with brunettes?

The mane or the platinum-colored locks give a good look and they allow to sublimate the features. These polar season pigments bring shine to those with brown hair and that’s why they should call their favorite hairstylist. These colorings require a great deal of know-how since this blond-white discoloration of the hair. After this oxidant exposure time, you will see that dark skin is perfectly suited to revive your complexion. Four shades are all suitable for brunettes but to keep a natural result and avoid damaging the hair fiber, you will need to have a good hair routine and deeply hydrate them. It is possible to choose an alternative to chemical coloring. This natural dye lightens hair in no time.

polar gray hair coloring

Polar gray hair coloring – Source: Allure

What happens to the hair during bleaching?

If it is essential to take more care of your hair during bleaching, it is because oxidation weakens it due to its effect which reduces the amount of keratin in the hair fiber. It is therefore particularly important to redouble treatments that hydrate the hair fiber in depth because without this, they can become brittle and present frizz. A necessary habit to keep an intense color while keeping the true nature of her hair.


Discolorations – Source: spm

How long does the hair oxidation last?

To leave the oxidizer on if you have a master hand in coloring, it is important to know the nature of your hair when bleaching. And for good reason, if the color of your hair is dark, it will be necessary keep the lightening product on your roots for 30 minutes. If you have fine hair, this preparation should be applied before dyeing for only 15 to 20 minutes. The time has come to apply the hair color that will soon allow you to sport a pretty, trendy polar gray. This change of look will delight you and give you a glowing complexion. If the polar gray did not appeal to you, you can keep your brown tones. These hair colors will be trendy in 2022.

polar white hair

Polar blonde hair – Source: spm

1- Dare to go platinum

If you don’t quite dare to jump the bottom, go to your colourist and opt for a fairly natural hair color while retaining light gray. This layering technique called ombre hair is discreet and keeps the natural color at the roots.

gray reflection

Beautiful gray reflections – Source: spm

2- Adopt the platinum color gradient

For a radical change of look, opt for this type of coloring which is very suitable for brunettes. And for good reason, it recalls the natural color while keeping the majority of the lengths in polar gray.

gray gradient

Gray gradient – Source: spm

3- Choose the polar gray tie-and-dye

It is the perfect shade for those who want to keep sobriety while changing their look. Its principle? It consists of only dyeing the tips to adopt the polar gray without touching the roots.

fleece at the tip

Fleece at the tips – Source: spm

4- Total polar gray

Whether you call them silver, gray, or ash hair, this trend has emerged as the most avant-garde of the season. If young women can adopt it, those with gray hair can choose it to sublimate and assume this color as a perfect choice! The length adapted to this color is the mid-length which will know how to propel itself at the forefront of trends.

total polar gray

Polar gray – Source: spm

How to take care of hair of this color?

To keep this shade as long as possible, you will need the right products. If you have a polar gray, it is recommended to use a moisturizing shampoo without parabens, sulphates and silicones to prevent the scales from getting damaged. It is also advisable to wash with purple shampoo to preserve this beautiful color before rinsing with cold water to a touch of shine.

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