4 issues to know earlier than beginning


Want to avoid the endless chore of shopping in a crowded store where you tend to always forget an ingredient or spend more than necessary, and therefore exceed your shopping budget? Tired of always having to find meal ideas for the week that could please everyone and are healthy? To avoid all these headaches that taint the pleasure of cooking, perhaps you have already had the temptation to try the HelloFresh kitchen boxes? However, despite the promise of time saving and simplicity, it is difficult to take the plunge when you are not familiar with the concept of the kitchen box. In this article, we therefore review all the points to know before you start.

1) What is the concept of HelloFresh?

With this carbon-neutral cooking box, you receive every week at home all the fresh ingredients you need to make a wide variety of delicious recipes. They are accompanied by detailed recipe cards to guide you step by step in your preparation. However, you will first have to choose which dishes you are going to cook. HelloFresh indeed offers 21 new recipes every week from which you can select your favorites to compose your box. Here you have the choice between several preferences according to your desires and your diet: classic, family, vegetarian, flexitarian, calorie smart or even rapido (ready in less than 25 minutes). And no need to be a cordon bleu: the recipes offered are quick and easy.

hellofresh meal box
Credits: HelloFresh

2) Is it expensive?

THE price is decreasing according to the number of people as well as the number of meals chosen during the week. For example, the price per portion can go down to €3.63 if you eat five meals for six people (which amounts to thirty portions). As for shipping costs, count €5.95 per box, regardless of its size. You can thus be delivered anywhere in France on the delivery window that suits you, even on weekends.

➡ Good plan: With the code HELLOFR85, benefit in addition to an offer for new subscribers which gives you up to 85 € offered on your first four Boxes.

If you make all your meals at home, you will not necessarily save money with this system. On the other hand, it will be very interesting if you have them delivered regularly for lack of time and inspiration. You can also save money if you tend to throw away a lot of food or shop without a set list or menu. With its well-designed portions, HelloFresh allows you to limit food waste and save valuable time.

3) Is it really healthy?

More than 80% of recipes have a Nutriscore A or B and they allow cover 40% of your fruit and vegetable needs. In addition, the ingredients are fresh, seasonal and mainly from France. Some of it even comes directly from the producers! This allows you to fill up on vitamins while respecting the environment. You have access to gourmet, creative and healthy recipes based on quality products that appeal to young and old. What to eat healthy without sulking its pleasure!

4) And if I want to unsubscribe, will it be complicated?

With one click, you can choose the number of weekly meals. This allows you to adapt your menus if you receive people at home or plan a restaurant outing! Everything is therefore very flexible according to your needs and your schedule. In the same way, it is very easy to suspend or pause your deliveries. Indeed, the subscription is without engagement. Thus, you have no additional mental load!

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