4 suggestions for going away for the weekend in a cheap manner


Going on a weekend in an economical way can be a real headache. In effect, if you only have 2 or 3 days to leave, you won’t be able to go very far. It will therefore be destinations in Europe that will be privileged. However, beware of countries that have a much higher cost of living than others. Below are some tips for an economical weekend.

1. Compare means of transport

Plane, train or bus, several solutions are available to you to leave for the weekend. The car may also be an option depending on where you live in France and your destination. Indeed, if you are staying in Savoie and want to go to Switzerland, the car may be easier and more practical. Although flying may be cheaper, consider the potential visits and travel that will require a rental car on site!

On the other hand, if you choose to go further afield, do not hesitate to compare the cost of the different means of transport as well as the sites that will allow you to simply book tickets.

Also choose a destination that does not have not too high a cost of living. Indeed, if your plane ticket is very inexpensive, but once there, your expenses are tripled compared to a country where the cost of living is low, then it is not profitable.

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2. Go out of tourist season

Yes, it’s no longer a secret, but going in low season will save you money! Discover Europe quietly without the tourists of the high seasons and, suddenly, without the crowds. Your photos will only be enhanced and you will appreciate the landscapes even more.

Accommodation and transport can be divided by three, even four compared to the high season so it is by no means negligible.

3. Housing

Regarding accommodation, if you want to save money, get information from youth hostels or go couchsurfing. This practice involves staying with the locals and they will give you lots of tips and tricks for visiting the country! you will be really immersed in cultureeven if it will be necessary to make a small dead end on your intimacy and your tranquility.

You can also opt for a campsite or a hotel slightly out of the center, but pay attention to the cost of returning to do your visits the next day.

4. Plan your weekend in advance

Planning your activities in advance, knowing public transport fares and the cost of living will let you know if you can afford a restaurant or two and some souvenir shopping.

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