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For 2 years now, our natural defenses have been put to the test. 2 years that we live in more or less close contact with a new virus, which we now know mutates and transforms regularly.

In this regard, this virus is no exception! The flu virus or all those of colds and other sinusitis do the same, hence a vaccine effectiveness that cannot reach 100%.

It is therefore essential to take care of our natural defenses and in particular our natural immunity. This immunity, called non-specific, is in fact our first lines of defence, capable of repelling or neutralizing any pathogen with which we come into contact… Provided that our defenses are in top form!

Here are 4 scientifically validated tips that can really make a difference.

Natural defences: avoiding deficiencies

An organism can only function properly if it is not deficient. Obviously, the same is true for our natural defenses. The immune cells responsible for defending us use many minerals and vitamins essential to their proper functioning every day.

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The vitamins C and D in particular are essential allies. If vitamin C is already well known to reduce the frequency and duration of sinusitis and other ENT infections, many studies in recent months have highlighted the importance of vitamin D to protect against viruses. Studies also show the ability of vitamin D to reduce the risk of serious forms in the event of contamination. To do this, we will preferably choose a daily or at least weekly intake, at an appropriate dosage, of vitamin D3 of natural origin. When we know that 80% of the French population is deficient in this vitamin, it is urgent to bring it in sufficient quantity if one wishes to boost his immunity.

On the mineral side, the current health situation will have made it possible to highlight the importance of a sufficient status zinc and selenium. As with vitamin D, these minerals are essential for the proper functioning of our natural defenses. With their antioxidant action, they also help protect us from oxidative stress, and therefore from the aging of our cells.

It is therefore up to us to ensure that we provide a sufficient quantity of these essential building blocks for our immunity.

Natural defenses: when everything starts from the intestine

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The intestinal flora, or microbiota, is the cornerstone of our immunity. But do you know why? Studies tell us that our immune cells acquire their immunocompetence in the gut. In other words, it is in contact with this microbiota that our white blood cells learn to differentiate the pathogens that they must neutralize from the cells and other microbes that are our allies, and that they must therefore tolerate. We therefore understand the importance of a healthy microbiota!

A diet rich in raw and colored plants is essential for maintaining a diversified intestinal bacterial community that is beneficial to health. It is however possible to reinforce the effect of food, or to compensate for insufficient food by making probiotic cures. The latter are defined by the WHO as live microorganisms which, when administered in sufficient quantities, confer a health benefit. Cures at the change of season can therefore be a significant help for our natural defenses!

Natural defenses and stress: the worst enemies!

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If there is one enemy of a healthy intestinal flora, it is stress. The consequence is obvious: stress is the 1st enemy of our natural defenses. Psychological stress of course (bad news, fears, anxiety, etc.), but also physical stress (sleep disorders, cold and nutritional deficiencies in particular) compromise our ability to defend ourselves effectively against pathogenic microbes.

Taking care of one’s environment and one’s lifestyle is therefore part of a whole. Learning to manage stress and emotions, taking advantage of time slots without stressful media information, breathing, breathing, enjoying nature and seeking inspiring activities are also necessary for those wishing to effectively support their natural defences. It is also interesting to use adaptogenic herbs, such as rhodiola, which support us in difficult times: in fact, rhodiola extract is an adaptogenic plant that protects during physical stress, and helps the body to adapt to emotional stress and improve mood .

Natural defenses and plants: an interesting aid

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Phytotherapy, or the medicinal use of plants, can be of great help. Many plants are now studied in the laboratory and have shown a real interest in supporting natural defences.

Licorice, cypress, plantain or even echinacea are thus plants traditionally recommended for the support of the immune system and their proven effects.

Be careful though, some plants have immunostimulatory effects, others have anti-inflammatory effects. The former should therefore be avoided in the event of autoimmune diseases or allergies and the latter in the event of immunosuppression.

In all cases, the use of plants, like micronutrient supplementation, is part of an essential improvement in overall lifestyle (diet, physical activity, emotions, sleep).

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