4 tricks to save on gasoline payments


July 2021 marked a further rise in the price of gas. And as with each increase in regulated prices, we can then worry about the effects on our bill. We are moving slowly towards the winter months when the heating will fuel more than the rest of the year. Also, this risks weighing heavily on the budget for the coming months. To avoid exploding your gas bills, discover some good habits and actions to adopt to make real savings on gas and energy without sacrificing your well-being.

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1) Choose a more suitable gas heater

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Heating is the number one item when it comes to the energy costs of a home. Also, optimizing the use of its heating devices as much as possible is crucial to avoid unnecessary expenses, especially in the case of gas heating which skyrockets the bill as soon as the mercury drops outside. And as we remind you every time, the simple act of reducing the temperature by one degree reduces the bill by around 7%. You will understand: every gesture counts! To avoid overheating, ADEME recommends the following settings for thermostatic valves per room:

16 ° C in the bedroom
18 ° C in the living rooms (living room or dining room)
22 ° C when using the bathroom, but 17 ° C the rest of the day
14 ° C in the cellar, pantry and any room that is not used much.

Also take advantage of the programmable thermostat if you have one in your home. Also think about take care of the insulation to avoid heat loss. In addition to work, caulk the holes and entry points of doors and windows to prevent cold drafts.

2) Carry out a good maintenance of the heating devices and make a good use of them

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Maintaining a gas boiler well each year allows you to achieve between 8 to 12% savings on its gas consumption. It is also a good way to ensure the longevity of this installation and to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. As for radiators, they work at their full performance if they are dusted. twice a year minimum and purged each year before winter. These simple actions will optimize their operation and therefore reduce gas consumption.

Above all, for a better performance of your devices, avoid:
-Place a piece of furniture in front of or near it: it is necessary to ensure the free circulation of heat by spacing your furniture well)
– cover the radiator with a curtain or whatever
– place objects on it that could interfere with the diffusion of heat or be dangerous

3) consume less hot water without a cold shower

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Here it all starts with the settings of the gas boiler which must be running around 55 or 60 ° C. At this heat, the water is hot enough all year round. In the process, this prevents deposits of tartar and bacteria in the device. Besides, you don’t need to change your habits too much. For example, prefer showers to long hot baths. Indeed, a bath uses on average three to five times more volume of water than the shower. You can also consider washing your hands in cold water and installing a water saver or hydro-economical frother. This helps keep a good start while saving water.

4) cook well with gas in a few easy steps

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Cooking with gas can be a big expense. Fortunately, it is very easy to optimize your use of the gas stove to save a bit of air. Already, we will never repeat it enough, but a simple lid on a saucepan will boil water four times faster. You can also put the water in the kettle before transferring it to the saucepan. Boiling water will be there more quickly. Also, be sure to good burner maintenance which are to be cleaned and degreased regularly. Also, opt for pots and pans the same size or larger in diameter than the hobs and use the correct burner size and flame power for each cooking. Last tip: invest in a pressure cooker or a pressure cooker for cooking in record time.

And of course, also remember to compare the different offers for gas from different suppliers and check if you are eligible for the energy check.

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