4 Unknown Makes use of of Aluminum Foil for Your Vegetation.


It may seem like a funny idea, I grant you…

But aluminum is a great help for our plants.

That’s what I’m explaining to you here.

And you will see, it will make your life easier.

It is also a good way to reuse the aluminum that we no longer use in the kitchen in contact with our food.

And since I hate wasting what I have in my cupboards, I use it in the garden.

Here are 4 effective uses of aluminum for our plants. Look :

1. Facilitates seed germination

What do seeds need to germinate?

Heat and humidity.

I’m sure you see where I’m coming from.

We will create these favorable conditions artificially.

Choose a container in which you will sow your seeds.

Then line the bottom with aluminum foil a little too big to stick out of the container.

Put a layer of soil, your seeds, moisten and cover with soil.

Lower the foil to the ground. But be careful, do not close too tightly.

This paper captures the heat thanks to its material which attracts the sun’s rays.

Better ! It retains good humidity.

This allows the seeds to germinate faster.

2. Protects your plants from the cold

While we are in the thermal properties of aluminum, here is my little personal tip.

I reuse the aluminum foil used in my oven to insulate my flower pots. That way, no mess.

Indeed, I live in the mountains and the cold period is quite long. The most fragile plants suffer from it.

So I surround each pot with this paper. It insulates them from the cold.

In addition, it captures the sun’s rays to warm the earth during the day.

3. Keeps birds away from fruit trees

Everyone who has a small orchard at the bottom of the garden knows this problem: the birds eat all the fruit.

So good that there’s hardly any left for us if we don’t act quickly.

To keep birds away, hang aluminum strips on the branches of your cherry, plum, peach or pear trees.

The sun reflecting off the silver face produces a light that disturbs the birds.

As a result, they do not approach and leave the fruits alone.

4. Protects the trunks of fruit trees

It’s not just the birds that come to help themselves!

There are also slugs, snails, ants and rodents.

They come not only to nibble the fruits on the trees…

…but also on shrubs such as raspberries for example.

And I’m not even talking about the strawberries they feast on.

To avoid this, wrap the trunk with aluminum foil.

That way the critters can no longer climb the tree.

Why ? Because this paper is slippery.

In addition, its metallic taste disturbs gastropods.

So it’s not very decorative, I grant you.

However, it is effective.

Your turn…

Have you tried these uses for aluminum foil in the garden? Comment in the comments to find out if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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