40 Finest White Elephant Items Beneath $50 That Are Humorous and Helpful: Amazon, Unusual Items, Goal, Etsy


So you need to find the best white elephant gifts? You have come to the right place. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of white elephant gift exchange, it’s a holiday party game (often a work-related team builder sometimes known as Dirty Santa) that involves have everyone in the group bring a wrapped gift, placing them together, then taking turns opening and exchanging random gifts. At the end, the first player can usually steal someone else’s gift. The perfect exchange, or theft, is part of the strategy – and clinging to your gift, if it’s good, is hard to do.

Part of the fun is finding an amazing gift that will surprise other partygoers. The best white elephant gifts are usually a mix of silly, quirky, and helpful, and there’s usually a low price limit. Whether your gift exchange is with friends, co-workers, or members of a book club, there are more than enough beautifully eerie white elephant gift ideas for everyone on this list.

We’ve rooted on the web – a gold mine for finding weird and cheap Christmas gifts and stockings – and put together this list of white elephant gift ideas that will likely end up on the « flight » circuit. « , all for less than $50 (and much less than $25). ). Hoping your giveaway will be the most talked about of the day.

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