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Does a Scandinavian wall decoration ring a bell? Indeed, the style refers to comfort and simplicity. Between the wood, the colors and decorative accessories, it is difficult to make an appropriate choice. Discover in this article the best ideas of scandinavian wall decorations to inspire you.

What does a Scandinavian decoration mean?

The Scandinavian style aims to make bring out the beauty of nature in your home. In addition to being a clean, authentic and warm design, the Scandinavian style makes your room elegant. To achieve this, here are some characteristics for a Scandinavian decoration.

Scandinavian paintings

The scandinavian decoration is a reference in the world. Particularly, for the wall decorative style, the paintings can install the calm and natural atmosphere. You have the choice between several ranges of tables. Abstract pattern, natural landscapes, geometric shapes, the paintings reflect a unique style.

How to make your choice? Scandinavian paintings reflect your personality and decorate your walls. Even more, if you like nature the style of these works would suit you. Indeed, the sight of these elements will give you a certain peace of mind. You will feel a peace, a tranquility reigning in your home. A mix of modernity, industrial style will give a nice contrast in your decoration.

Beyond the decorative aspect, Scandinavian paintings give a sure value and simple style to your room. In addition, remember that they are made for all spaces. Indeed, it is common to meet three-piece tables, because they are beautiful. However, if you do not have a large space, you can hang a piece of Scandinavian painting on the wall.

Wherever you want to place them, they fit easily into your decor. Your dining room, hallways, bedroom, do not lack creativity.

Scandinavian Clocks

A Scandinavian wall clock is an element that is perfect for your interior decoration and will attract the attention of your visitors. With a varied range, in wood or not, they bring a special touch to your wall. Opt for one of them to give an authentic face to your wall.

To make your interior warm and welcoming, decoration is a key element to take into account. To do this, paintings remain an interesting option to decorate your walls. But it is also important to choose the right pieces to use for a harmonious rendering of your room. Scandinavian paintings are the best allies to be at the top of modernity and aesthetics in your interior decoration.

Scandinavian mirrors

Scandinavian mirrors are beautiful decorative elements to bring a certain aesthetic to your home. See for yourself :

The wallpapers

A touch of originality to your Scandinavian wall decor? Indeed, wallpapers are excellent ways to have the wall dressed, to your liking and less expensive. There are a multitude of choices to make to transform your home. Between a panoramic wallpaper, a jungle wallpaper or even a plain wallpaper, find the style that suits you from this selection.

Scandinavian LED wall lights

Wall sconces, usually made of wood, bring something unusual to your decoration. You need a little light to refine your decor.

Scandinavian shelves

Scandinavian shelves are real aesthetic elements to keep your hanging objects in the air. The choice you have made will give a new look to your room.

Scandinavian statues

It is a representation of an animal or a character in the form of a statue.

Scandinavian macrame

Macrames bring an artisanal and exotic touch to your wall decoration.

Scandinavian colors

Indeed, the white color is essential for a perfect Scandinavian style. This because white symbolizes purity, the calm of nature. The color can be paired with other neutrals for your decor. Such as beige, gray, black, yellow (some times). Combine wood and white in your decor. Indeed, wood is a significant material of the Scandinavian style. In addition, white, you will have a natural atmosphere in your home.

In addition, using good lighting for your Scandinavian decoration is an asset. Indeed, the light is of importance in your style. This provides visual contrast to your room. Also, it is possible to make a mix of style, vintage for example and allows you to integrate objects or ornaments into your decoration.

Clean and minimalist shapes

Scandinavian design embodies elegance, aesthetics and simplicity.

The other materials of the Scandinavian style

In terms of textiles as natural materials, prefer cotton or linen for your linens, curtains and decorative accessories. Wool for carpets for maximum comfort. Also, golden brass is also a material that animates Scandinavian design, especially on decorative objects (lamps, trinkets, etc.). It helps to create a bright interior.

Also, for a complete interior design you need to complement Scandinavian furniture. You will find several sites on the Internet to make your purchase.

What to remember?

The Scandinavian style with its many accessories brings out the beauty and the refined aesthetics of your room. Rather relaxed, simplicity remains the vector element of the decoration. To dress your walls in a Scandinavian spirit, you can display your books in your living room on the shelves. The idea is to animate empty surfaces.

In addition, in your kitchen, you can arrange your dishes on the shelves. Also, you can arrange plants or flowers to give a natural look to your room. In addition, objects such as: vases, candles, will add more to your decoration. To support you in your project, you can turn to brands such as: Ikea, Ferm Living, Normann Copenhagen, Bloomingville, Marimekko…

In short, the Scandinavian style is simple and practical. Scandinavian paintings, clocks, mirrors, wallpapers, wall sconces, shelves, statues. Macrames and colors are essential elements for a Scandinavian wall decoration. You can take inspiration from the best ideas that we have exposed to make your decoration.

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