44 concepts for reverse sweeps on white hair


The reverse scan on white hair is a technique that consists of increasing the depth of the hair by using dark shades in order to highlight the white or gray hair. It makes it possible to hide white hair without changing its color but just lightens the hair while giving it a nice reflection. It is therefore important to make the right choice of color.

How to choose colors?

There are several colors for a scan on white hair. Gray locks or ash blond locks are suitable for white hair, for example. Their colors combine perfectly with polar blonde or white hair while remaining visible. For brown hair, opt for a complexion close to your natural color; however, if the hair is red, it is best to choose a light golden red color to bring light to it and camouflage your white hair.

Make the choice that suits you best from this list of 44 ideas for reverse sweeps on white hair.

1. Short Square Reverse Sweep.

A mid-length square cut combined with this type of sweep. It is simply successful.

2. Reverse balayage with a low bun.

For people more or less old, the bun is ideal.

3. Reverse balayage on medium bob.

Different shades of gray are noticed on a layered haircut.

4. Long Square Reverse Sweep.

The long square also works with this type of scan, it concerns those who wear long hair.

5. Inverted balayage on a mid-length wavy bob.

Curly hair also offers a possibility to do this scan.

6. Reverse Balayage with Bun at the Back.

One can notice how much the balayage rejuvenates the face and how much it highlights white hair.

7. Short Square Reverse Sweep.

Balayage on a layered cut with tight white lines.

8. Reverse balayage on short haircut.

Short cuts can also make a sweep even if it is quite rare.

9. Reverse balayage on black hair.

This type of balayage is quite special and and rare.

10. Reverse long square sweep.

Ideal for camouflaging aging hair.

11. Reverse sweep on smooth long square.

12. Reverse balayage combined with bun.

13. Reverse Balayage with Braids.

14. Inverted balayage in a shaggy style.

15. Inverted sweep on a mid-length bob.

16. Reverse balayage on medium bob.

17. Reverse balayage on short bob.

18. Reverse Balayage with Bohemian Crown Braid.

19. Integral Reverse Scan.

20. Reverse balayage on long cut.

21. Reverse Balayage on Long Bob with Bun.

22. Reverse balayage on short haircut.

23. Inverted sweep on a mid-length bob.

24. Reverse balayage on short haircut.

25. Full Reverse Scan.

26. Reverse balayage on long cut.

27. Reverse balayage on long bob.

28. Reverse balayage on short haircut.

29. Reverse sweep on long square.

30. Reverse Balayage with Tied Back Hair.

31. Full Reverse Scan.

32. Reverse Balayage with Wavy Hair.

33. Inverted sweep on a long layered square.

34. Reverse balayage on a smooth mid-length bob.

35. Reverse balayage on voluminous hair.

36. Reverse balayage on short haircut.

37. Reverse Balayage on Medium Bob with Bangs.

38. Inverted sweep on mid-length bob with wave.

39. Reverse Balayage on Tied Back Hair with Bangs.

40. Reverse Balayage with Bohemian Decor.

41. Reverse sweep on short square.

42. Inverted sweep on a mid-length wavy bob.

43. Reverse balayage on a super long cut with a braid.

44. Inverted sweep on medium square.

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