47 presents for individuals who have the whole lot in 2021: our place, Baggu, Bala and extra


Holiday shopping is easy for some people on your list, like efficient people (Virgos) who just send you a list. But finding gifts for those who have everything isn’t that easy. This is where we come in. The best gifts for them can often be to dig into their interests and bring up new things that they might not have known, like a new collectible treat or a small but useful item that they don’t have. perhaps never considered for themselves. Or a subscription for people with very special tastes that helps them choose more of what they like.

Showing appreciation for your friends can take many non-material forms (like quality time), but there is something to be said about tangible gifts. And boy, do we have any ideas. Below, we’ve compiled a list of very specific options for each type of person, from the person in your book club to the person who dutifully tags you in Co-Star memes. And, since we know cost matters, you’ll find that most of the items on this list are under $ 100.

Before diving, a reminder that supply chain issues are not improving, and many major shipping companies have set the deadline for December 15. So, if you want to stock up on your premier gifts for people who have everything, we recommend that you buy ASAP.

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