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Do you love coffee, but throw away the grounds after use? Whether it is hidden in a filter or in a pod, it can however be recycled! So that spring is just beginning, we remember that it is excellent in the garden, especially as a fertilizer. However, it is also appreciated all year round to take care of all skin types, and bring them softness and radiance! Indeed, it is rich in antioxidants, fights against skin aging and stimulates blood circulation. It is therefore a very complete ingredient. However, we do not always know what ingredients to mix the coffee grounds with to make our little homemade recipes to integrate into our beauty routine. To get a facelift from head to toe, Grandma has compiled a list of must-have recipes.

1) The classic: the body scrub

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Coffee body scrub removes dead and rough skin as well as ingrown hairs. This very effective recipe allows the passage to promote cell renewal. The basic recipe is a dose of coffee grounds for a dose of vegetable oil. Here, you can use olive oil as well as sweet almond, jojoba, argan or coconut oil. In short, use what you have. To thicken the recipe, you can also add half a dose of honey or add a half dose of coarse salt for an exfoliant that scratches better. Apply it once a week on the whole body by making small circular movements. Above all, insist well on the elbows, knees and heels then rinse.

And for sensitive skin or when you don’t have time to mix? SO, mix the grounds with your shower gel to erase your arms and legs gently. Plus, you can use it on its own to scrub heavily soiled hands from gardening or to remove kitchen odors.

2) The healthy glow and anti-aging face mask

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You display a dull, tired complexion marked by fine lines ? So, rush quickly towards the kitchen to mix an egg white, 1 tbsp of coffee grounds and 1 tsp of honey! Once your little anti-aging grub is ready, apply it in an even layer to the face and neck. You can also put a little touch on the dark circles without getting too close to the eyes. After 10 minutes of exposure, all you have to do is rinse and enjoy the effect. plumped skin. If you want to nourish dry skin instead, mix a tablespoon of coffee grounds with another of olive oil and leave on for 10 minutes. Your skin will be soft, nourished and hydrated!

3) Coffee grounds against dark circles

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Coffee grounds are unparalleled for illuminating and smooth out tired eyes and fade dark circles. To do this, mix a teaspoon with a teaspoon of natural yogurt or cottage cheese. Then add possibly 5 drops of lemon juice to show you intractable with dark circles. Then, place everything in the fridge for 1 or 2 hours before applying it to dark circles. Don’t get too close to your eyes, especially if you’ve added the lemon juice. After letting it act for 15 minutes, gently rinse with a cotton pad or a damp wipe.

4) The treatment that chases away cellulite

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For firm the skin and help to erase cellulite a little, it is possible to draw inspiration from the body scrub. Two doses of coffee grounds are mixed here for one dose of olive oil. However, the difference between the two is that the thighs or stomach are wrapped here with cellophane. Then we wrap in a cloth to be sure not to stain anything. Leave on for about 20 minutes before rinsing. Above all, repeat weekly, or even twice a week. Complete with a good dry brushing every day and/or an anti-cellulite treatment for more efficiency.

5) Coffee grounds as hair conditioner

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Attention, using coffee grounds is rather recommended to promote the beauty of the brown or chestnut hair. It tends to leave pretty natural reflections. Also, it has an effect softening and adds shine. To do this, apply it once a week directly after shampooing on your hair like a classic conditioner. Massage a little and rinse thoroughly.

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