5 Frequent Sleep Positions and How They Have an effect on Your Well being


2. Sleep on your back, arms at your sides

While sleeping on your side can reduce neurological decline, it’s not the only healthy position to be in, according to Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore. The hospital touts the benefits of sleeping on your back with your arms resting comfortably on your sides as « best » for spine and neck health.

However, according to the hospital, this position has a downside – it can increase the number of snoring and can also increase complications from sleep apnea, which can be a very serious condition resulting in poor breathing while resting.

sleeping baby 3

3. Fetal position

This position mimics a fetus in the womb, with the knees facing the chest. This is a variant of lateral sleep and therefore falls into the most common sleeping position category (Men’s Health magazine said in a study of 1,000 people, 41% preferred this one).

While there are benefits of « cleaning the brain, » the men’s health article notes that the benefits of « fetus » form relieve stress on vital organs such as the liver, stomach, and lungs. . He suggests curling up on the right side of your body for the benefits.

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4. The starfish

This is a variation of sleeping on your back, with your arms above your head rather than at your side. Men’s Health magazine points out that those who prefer this position may have the same problems as other back sleepers in terms of snoring and difficulty breathing.

However, on a positive note, the magazine associates this type of sleep with being « great listeners » who are « always ready to offer help and generally don’t like being in the spotlight. » It has also been called the least popular style of sleep for adults, but it certainly looks cute when babies do.


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