5 cool workouts to construct muscle (discreetly) on the workplace


In the collective imagination, playing sports requires putting on your outfit and sneakers to go to a dedicated place. However, the confinement episodes did not fail to shake up this way of looking at physical activities. Sport at home then became more topical than ever, as did the rediscovery of activities outside the gym. This made it possible to note that it is absolutely not necessary to encompass the sport of a whole ritual. From household chores to the simple act of climbing stairs, our daily activities also help to tone up. In short, exercise can be everywhere, at any time, to allow us to let off steam and stay healthy. With that in mind, we wanted to give you some very easy exercises to do in the office to build muscle in no time!

To keep in shape, take advantage of a short break or a moment of calm to indulge in a physical activity that is as simple as it is effective!

Some accessories to build muscle at the office

To make your cladding work smoothly, you can completely swap your office chair for a gym ball. This keeps your back straight and in a toned posture without thinking too much about it. Moreover, large binders such as water bottles can be used as dumbbells to tone the arms. In short, bodybuilding products are everywhere around you for those who know how to see them and take advantage of them!

1) Strengthen your buttocks at work

There are more discreet than squats in front of the photocopier! To work your buttocks in a seated position, contract them 30 times in a row while breathing deeply. Then, take a break of about ten seconds and resume the contractions.

2) Work out your arms in the office without being seen

Place the palms of your hands under your desk and press upwards, as if you want to lift it off. Contract the inside of your arms while keeping your back straight and your chest lifted. Press for 15 to 20 seconds and repeat the exercise ten times.

sport exercises build muscle at the office
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3) For firmer thighs

From a seated position, put one hand on either side of your seat and straighten your legs parallel to the floor for several seconds before slowly lowering back, controlling the movement and exhaling. Repeat 10 times.

4) For a posture and worked abs

It doesn’t get any easier. Still in a seated position with your back straight, raise and expand your chest as if to grow taller, and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Then, draw in your navel while drawing in your stomach for 30 seconds before releasing. This works the deep muscle of the abdominals gently. Repeat throughout the day to maximize results.

5) Work out both your abs and your thighs at the office

In a seated position on the edge of the chair, with your back straight, place your forearms on your desk and take off your two legs at the same time. Here, the feet are a few centimeters off the ground and the knees are bent. During the exercise, contract your abs well to avoid injuring your back and hold the position for ten seconds before resting your feet on the ground. It is very effective for working on your abdominal belt!

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