5 efficient cures to maintain flies away from the home


Vector of bacteria and diseases, the fly has no place inside a house. Here are five natural and effective tips against flies that will change your daily life considerably.

The fly, an insect vector of disease

Flies are not pests, yet we have all wondered about their usefulness in our daily lives. They annoy us but yet they are essential to our planet. They are part of the food chain and some of them participate in the pollination of some crops such as tea or cocoa. They would transport 85% of the pollen but unlike bees they do not produce honey. They feed directly on flower pollen. It is therefore by default that you can find an invasion of flies on your food. However, they are also carriers of bacteria and various diseases. They can transmit a hundred serious diseases such as typhus, cholera or tuberculosis. Instead of using insecticides which can be so harmful to health, there are natural tricks to get rid of flies in our house.

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flies on fruit

Put away your fly rackets and other fly paper. Here are five natural and effective tips for fighting flies.

1- The water bag to keep flies away

For this trick, you will need a plastic bag and water. Fill the plastic bag halfway with water and seal the bag tightly. Hang it high up from your ceiling where flies usually settle. Guaranteed efficiency. With daylight, the sun will reflect on the transparent bag and scare away the flies.

2- Lemon and cloves to drive away flies

To perform this trick, you will need a lemon cut in half and cloves. Prick the two parts of the lemon with a dozen cloves. Place the lemon in every room of your home and on the edge of your windows. The smell will instinctively drive all the flies out of your house. To renew several times during the day.

3- White vinegar to get rid of flies

For this fly trap, you need white vinegar and a plastic bottle. Cut off the top of your plastic bottle and fill the bottom of the bottle with the white vinegar. The bottle will serve as bait to kill any flies that venture above the bottle.

4- Essential oils to repel flies

Essential oils have very strong scents and flies don’t like very strong smells. This is why it is advisable to use an essential oil diffuser to repel them throughout the day. Use just a few drops of eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, basil or peppermint essential oil for a natural repellent.

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5- Vodka to scare away flies

An original but equally effective remedy is vodka. Just put some in a spray bottle and spray the rooms in your home. You can also put it on your skin as a fly repellent. For example on the wrists or ankles to scare away flies. The strong smell of this drink is not likely to attract them. Even the biggest flies won’t be able to resist.

Finally you can always install mosquito nets on your windows to be sure that no more insects come inside your house. You will be able to continue to ventilate your home without taking any risks.

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