5 important oils to spice up your immune system


Every winter, we hope to be able to slip through the cracks and not catch all the microbes lying around. Fortunately, we can rely on our immunity, our body’s natural barrier to protect itself from viruses, to help us! However, our immune defenses are not infallible and a little boost can therefore be welcome to help our body stay strong in the face of external aggressions and various germs that lurk. For this, you can use various natural remedies. However, aromatherapy remains one of the most popular. Very concentrated, essential oils are full of antibacterial, antiviral and/or stimulating properties. To teach you how to use them to your advantage, discover the essential oils that will boost your immune system, as well as the ways to use them well.

Colds, flu, gastroenteritis, nasopharyngitis, bronchitis, etc. Thanks to plant essences, you can finally spend a quiet winter!

5 essential oils to boost your immune system

Ravintsara essential oil

Cinnamomum camphora ravintsara essential oil
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Ravintsara essential oil is anti-infectious, antibacterial and antiviral. It is also one of the most effective essential oils for strengthening the immune system (immunostimulating oils), and therefore at the same time fighting against various viral infections.

Eucalyptus radiata essential oil

eucalyptus essential oil
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Eucalyptus radiata essential oil is your best ally in winter (and the rest of the year!) thanks to its bactericidal, antiviral and immunostimulant properties. Generally well tolerated and appreciated for its smell, it is also expectorant and decongestant, a big plus when an illness breaks out and you feel a little stuck in the nose and throat!

Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil
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You thought it was only used to eliminate acne pimples? You were wrong! Thanks to its immunostimulating properties (in particular by stimulating white blood cells), antiseptic and anti-infectious, it fights viruses causing ENT diseases while helping to strengthen immunity. It is therefore as useful in the prevention as in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Lemon essential oil

lemon essential oil among photosensitizing essential oils
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Anti-infectious, bactericidal, antiseptic and antiviral, lemon oil fights many pathogenic organisms. We also often know little about its detoxifying power, which is essential to purify the liver and perk up the body.

thymol thyme essential oil

thyme essential oil
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Less known than its counterparts, thyme oil is still one of the most anti-infectious essential oils, and therefore one of the best for boosting your immune system. Where it goes, bad bacteria die! Also note that it has a boost effect on your body. So she’s got it all right.

Use of these essential oils for the immune system

Now that you know the best essential oils to strengthen your immune system, you have to learn how to use them well. There are different operating modes to be used alone or in combination with the others. In all cases, respect the recommended dosages.

In diffusion to purify the ambient air

diffusion diffuser essential oil
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Use an electric or ultrasonic diffuser to achieve cold diffusion. To do this, you can use them alone or mix them. Be sure, however, to do not exceed 15 drops for 40 m2. Ideally, perform this broadcast in the morning (before leaving for work) and/or in the evening (on your return) for about thirty minutes maximum.

Massage these essential oils into your skin to boost your immune system

roll on essential oils
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You can prepare a mixture to massage on the wrists or nose before going out (1 drop per area). It is also possible to apply one or two drops to the chest or back for the well-being of the respiratory tract. To do this, do not exceed a concentration of 5% essential oils. To go to the simplest, you can mix 60 drops of ravintsara essential oil with 50 ml of vegetable oil of your choice (eg sweet almond oil).

Oral use

Place a drop of one of the essential oils mentioned above on a sugar or in a teaspoon of honey. Take this mixture morning and evening during meals. You can take this natural remedy as a cure for a week, then respecting a three-week break to avoid excess. Above all, never exceed 6 drops per day !

Essential oils to boost the immune system: warning

Essential oils are certainly natural products, but that does not mean that they are harmless. Improper handling or overdosing can therefore be dangerous. This can indeed cause irritation or burns of the skin or the respiratory tract. To limit the risks, it is strongly advised to do an allergy test on the crook of your arm before using them. Prior information work is also crucial. Always find out about the contraindications before starting their use. Most are, for example, prohibited for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or young children. Make sure you are aware of this type of usage precaution!

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